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Transcendental Capacity by Jeremy Shaw
© Transcendental Capacity by Jeremy Shaw
Field Projects: 2016

Justin F. Kennedy & Jeremy Shaw

Wormhole Through Your Brain

Trance Forms: Affect and Analysis

Oscillating wildly between abandon and articulation

This Field Project is fully booked! We regret that we can not revise any more applications!

The attempt to both achieve and analyse various trance states is at the core of Justin Francis Kennedy and Jeremy Shaw’s experiment. Incorporating a wide palate of physical, mental, and research-based exercises and observations, Wormhole Through Your Brain will encourage dialogue around areas of trance dancing/transcendental experience and their explanation/translation.

In a pseudo-laboratory style, we will engage in physical and mental exercises that attempt to incite various forms of trance. These exercises may include Osho, Irregular Eights, Internal Wave Energy, hypnosis, soft moshing and voice & movement techniques. In addition to entering altered states, we will also take critical distance. Through recollections, automatic response, screenings, readings and journaling, the Field Project will engage in a discourse around analytical aspects of trance forms and the challenges faced with documenting and translating profound experiences. Our experiments with trance will be chronicled into an index of personal experience that will be compiled to exist beyond the workshop.

Wormhole Through Your Brain proposes an arena in which the engagement, affect and analysis of trance forms are treated with equitable rigour and regard.


ArtistBio: Justin F. Kennedy
ArtistBio: Jeremy Shaw


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