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Field Projects: 2016

Nancy Stark Smith & Mike Vargas

STATES OF GRACE: Contact Improvisation, Contemplation, and Collaboration

This Field Project is fully booked! We regret that we can not revise any more applications!

Can we access and change physical, energetic, and conceptual states easily and as called for? Can we work from deep somatic absorption and compositional awareness at the same time? In this Field Project we will be engaging with the full spectrum of dance improvisation work that Nancy and Mike are currently exploring.

We will experiment with making choices, finding ways to tune our dancing and awareness so we can improvise more consistently with freedom and focus— ready, embodied, articulate, generous, innovative, artful, and compassionate, with and without live music.

States of Grace is what can happen when we are juggling all the balls at once: solo and group dancing, contact improvisation (CI), non-CI improvisation, contemplation, composition, musical issues, performance, knowing, not knowing, and humanity. Nancy’s long-time collaborator composer/improviser Mike Vargas will contribute his music, point of view, and current research.

Simple, complex, simple. Doing, not doing.

For movers with intermediate and advanced level experience in Contact Improvisation. Fluency in English required.

Note: Although levels in CI are difficult to assess, your CI practice should comfortably include: fluency with falling, rolling, weight taking and giving, being upside down, dancing with disorientation, following a point of contact, working with subtlety (and exertion), and improvising in physical contact. Other background in dance and improvisation, a plus.

With your application, please send a few sentences about your experience with Contact Improvisation, other dance and improvisation work, and your reasons for wanting to attend this Field Project. Thank you.

ArtistBio: Nancy Stark Smith
ArtistBio: Mike Vargas


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