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Alicia Sudre
© Alicia Sudre
ProSeries: 2016

Benoît Lachambre

That choreographs us!

Active in the dance milieu since the 1970s, Benoît Lachambre was introduced to Releasing in 1985. He is the founder of Par B.L.eux, an artistic platform whose mission is the creation, production and promotion of works in a spirit of openness and collaboration, while developing opportunities for inter-disciplinary exchange in dance. His career as a choreographer, performer and educator is based on his work on the awakening of the senses, where the connection between Somatics and artistic creation are at the base of all choreographic movement.

With the creation in April 2015 of the first "That choreographs us", Benoît Lachambre added a new dimension to his artistic practice. With this intensive teaching approach, he explores the steps of the creative process, putting Somatic movement at the centre of a common creation. "That choreographs us" takes place over a few weeks. It closes with a long presentation open to the public that allows participants to develop their own interpretation of Somatic practice, with the deep experience of a collective work.

Working on the concept of connection, and building body and spatial architecture that remains fluid, Benoît Lachambre hopes to recreate connections between the bodies, freeing them from the constant pressure they are under. At the heart of his practice is his drive to liberate the body from structures of political, socio-cultural, and aesthetic hierarchy, bringing them back to their simplest energetic, organic, and perceptive function. In a specific context, in a living space, the workshop asks not ‘Who is the choreographer?’ but rather ‘What is choreographing us?’

It is an invitation to a deep exploration of a more authentic consciousness of the connection between possible and potential bodies. Participants will be invited to question and reflect upon existence, as well as the role of empathetic movement in the process of choreographic creation.

Exploring notions of Somatics, as well as the distribution of weight and gravitational forces, Benoît Lachambre offers the opportunity to re-connect with a choreography of feeling, and of letting go.

Benoît is looking for 30 participants for this Pro Series.

It will lead to a Showing on 29 July at 18:00, at the Volksopern Probebühne.

ArtistBio: Benoît Lachambre


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