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Thomas Poravas
© Thomas Poravas
Field Projects: 2016

Maria Hassabi & Jan Mot

With Maria and Jan

This Field Project is fully booked! We are sorry that we can not take any more applications - thanks for considering other research projects!

JM: Maria, would you join me to the Belvédère?

MH: Of course!

Would you be into taking a stroll in the gardens for a bit as well?

JM: Of course! I love those gardens.

MH: Cool. We have a date ;)

I keep thinking that I’d like to walk through the Belvédère in a very slow manner. Not in slow-motion, yet a slower pace than usual. How would that effect our viewing, how does that effect the space in general and do we end up creating a "situation" immediately just because we will be walking with a pre-conceived intention? Would you be into trying this, or would you rather walk, talk and look in our “regular” behaviour?

JM: Let's just try and we'll see!

ArtistBio: Maria Hassabi
ArtistBio: Jan Mot


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