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Hagit Yakira

Release Remix

Dance for soul’s sake!

A new contemporary class, that combines both a unique combination of contemporary techniques (Release, Floor work), Limon Technique and Yoga as well as moments of improvisation to inspire freedom of movement. Throughout the class the dancers are being shifted from taught material to improvisational tasks and explorations; developing through the class a sense of maturity in movement, articulation and spontaneity. This approach promotes, in each dancer, an understanding of their movement and physicality, space, energy, and self-expression.

The class enables people to develop an ownership and authorship of their own movement while learning fast, energetic and advanced dance sequences and routines and while simultaneously engaging with physical tasks. The class challenges the dancers physically, taking each participant to his/her own limit, and at the same time managing to create an authentic sense of community.

Hagit believes in a positive, emotional, energetic, vibrant and fast way of teaching. She believes that each dancer has the possibility to dance fully and beautifully with the right directions and inputs. Hagit works through musicality and playfulness, her excitement is contagious, fun and engaging and yet manages to maintain a definite level of hard work, professionalism, and commitment. Hagit’s teaching methodologies stem from her background as a Dance Movement Therapist and are filled with her artistic philosophy and approach.

The class gives an insight into the way Hagit works with her Company of dancers in London, with whom she creates choreographic works that perform internationally and with great success. Hagit has been facilitating these classes for both professional dancers and the community around Europe, Scandinavia, UK and Israel and has many dedicated followers. She is now writing her PhD in choreography, where she articulates her approach and philosophy combining it with her practical work as a teacher, choreographer and performer.

The class and Hagit’s teaching practice develop creativity and virtuosity; it challenges the dancers to take risks, to work with and against their habits and individual movement choices.


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