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Grafik: Olaf Osten & Katharina Gattermann
Grafik: Olaf Osten & Katharina Gattermann

ImPulsTanz Festival Lounge 2015


We are under pressure. There is never enough money, savings are always made at the wrong spots,... thus we cheerfully jump onto the tables, dance our hearts out and party as if there's no tomorrow!

14 July - 16 August 2015, daily from 22:00 Burgtheater Vestibül, Universitätsring 2, 1010 Wien Sofas • DJs • Cocktails • Concerts • Snacks • Deck Chairs • Photo Booth

FM4 Friday - in cooperation with the Austrian alternative radio FM4 you will have the pleasure with the Créme de la Créme of local Dj exports at the Vestibül.

Diversity Sunday - Sundays will again be dedicated (almost) entirely to live music gigs - extraordinary delicacies of the Austrian musical menu.

Affine im Sommer - the flagships of the exceptional Viennese label will spin the turn tables for you also this year - this summer with some newcomers on board!

ImPulsTanz on decks - well known, always a blast: each Tuesday and Thursday people of the ImPulsTanz team, festival artists and workshop teachers will share their favourite party music with you.

All ImPulsTanz festival lounge events in the Burgtheater Vestibül are of free admission!

© Karolina Miernik

Culture and Wine 2015

After the positive echo the  last two years, ImPulsTanz soçial will again hand out a special treat to an international audience and present a great range of fantastic Austrian winemakers. As part of the receptions at Burgtheater Vestibül, you will have the chance to degustate and toast on the performances with some delicious Austrian wine!

Mieux © Oliver Hofmann

14 July: Mieux (live) & DJ support by H∆NN∆ x D!ZZY

Mieux is what happens when two of Austria’s most forward thinking producers leave the analytic mode out of the equation. Starting out as a fun project dedicated to the tweaking of r’n’b and rap classics (check their seminal deconstruction of Amerie’s One Thing and Dre’s Next Episode), Mieux soon discovered that they’d distilled a formula rarely found in Austria’s musical landscape.
Whilst their Debut EP Neufant still showcases a level of thought-through arrangement skills and advanced musicianship, it just doesn’t allow the head to take the steering wheel at any time.
Drawing influences from house, juke and bass-driven music in general, Mieux’s first EP carries a very unique musical vision – Next level club music that even grows on your home stereo, if you will.
While they’ve been releasing music on a free to download basis during the last year, they’ve put up an impressive live show. Glockenspiel, MPC, kraftwerk-y drum-pads and synths add to their tunes, making it an all around joyride for ears and eyes, insofar that you can actually comprehend what they are doing. Google Boiler Room “Mieux“ to get a glimpse of the basic version, which since has been ever expanding in size and sound.
DJ support by the fantastico H∆NNA x D!ZZY.

What a lounge opening jamboree!

Zuzee & Mr. Wisdom

15 July: Zuzee (Waxos)& Mr. Wisdom (Wisdom & Slime / AWESVM / AO&)

Ever since the founding of the Waxolutionists (together with Bionic Kid) DJ Zuzee has caused a furore as a skilled DJ, both nationally and internationally. Next to DJ Cutex and DJ DSL he is one of the pioneers of Austria's New School DJ-scene. His roots: Hip Hop... and that until its innerst core – combining it with his love for soul & funk it always gives his set the certain something.
Mr. Wisdom (Blue Flowers, W&S, AO&)
Stan Laurel: "Gee, that’s pretty underwear."
Oliver Hardy: "Don’t get personal."
Chris Fader

16 July: Restless Leg Syndrome

It's a musical team from Austria consisting of longtime DJ and producer d.b.h and the two turntable wizards Chrisfader and Testa, who split up most of the Austrian DJ championships between each other in the last decade and also made a name for themselves as producers. The concept behind their joint- venture is quite simple: Take a specific genre of music, sample and flip it into danceable beats.

In the case of their second EP Dabkeh, named after a popular Mediterranean form of line-dancing, the subject of the musical explorations is the Arab world. The three guys from RLS spent quite some time mining old vinyl or cassettes to create the tracks on this EP, in the hopes of getting some wild Dabkeh moves started on dancefloors worldwide!


hosted by
Dj Beware & Florian Blauensteiner

17 July: FM4 Friday feat. DJ Beware (FM4 Unlimited) & Florian Blauensteiner (Klasse Recordings)

DJ Beware Dont' be fooled by the friendly grin and nerdy glasses. Dj Beware is actually a promiscuous music lover who likes to flirt shamelessly with all kinds of dance music, regardless of age and origin. His main fetish is for bass and percussion grooves that make your knees shake and hips swing. He will lure you slowly to the floor, keep you dancing there for hours and hours to tunes that you like, and to tunes you didn't know that you liked.
He is the kind of dj who will let you catch your breath for a short while, but that's only so that he can push you harder afterwards. Inspired by the likes of Masters at Work, Dj Beware knows how to keep the vibe of the party diverse yet unified - mixing up genres and tempos of music, as well as knowing what to play and when to play it.

In 2008, Beware was picked by Daniel Haaksman's Man Recordings to release two of the label's best selling records - Tamborzao Con Scratchy and the now very much in demand vinyl only dj tool, Rio Baile Funk Breaks. Since then Dj Beware, together with production partner Motorpitch, have a released a string of remixes and bootlegs that have been supported from the likes of Crookers, Brodinski, the Count and Sinden,and many more. In March this year, Beware and Motorpitch will release their debut EP "El Toro!" on Man Recordings.

2010 is a busy year for Dj Beware, juggling his time between hosting a popular prime time daily mix show "Unlimited" on acclaimed Radio FM4 in Austria, bringing out both original music and remixes, as well as a busy gig schedule.


Vienna based producer and DJ Florian Blauensteiner has been passionate about music for the last twenty years of his life. Florian started out as a teen playing Hip Hop and Jungle records at house parties. Being fascinated with the sounds on his favourite records, Florian soon taught himself how to make music.

Over the years, his skill and determ ination as a producer and engineer have given him the experience of being involved in almost all technical aspects of making a record. From producing rap beats for MCs, to recording church choirs in Jamaica, to mastering the latest dubplates for Kingston sounds ystems, to engineering for chart topping intern ational and domestic pop acts, to recording the Vienna Philha rmonic Orchestra; Florian has pretty much done it all.
Nowadays, Florian has turned his focus in making house and techno music that is both driving and beautiful. With his strong passion for Dub reggae, and using this as the root and essence to his approach to club music, Florian aims to collect all his influences and experience into creating records with a unique sound and precision. Despite having only had a handful of releases on Berlin's Klasse Recordings, his records can already count on the support of heavyw eights such as Âme, André Lodemann, Ian Pooley, DJ Sneak, Joris Voorn but to name a few.
Be sure to expect many more good things from this experienced newcomer in the near future.

Florian Blauensteiner (Klasse Recordings)
Soulspin & Dansmussen

18 July: Soulspin & Dansmussen (Club Desiree | Wien)

Dansmussen Visionquest under the mirror ball. 4-on-the-floor meets ascendant rock in the tropic of the synthesizers.
Soulspin Diggin in the crates since 1997. From Soul to Disco, from Detroit to Düsseldorf. Sample-Shizzle & Edit-wizadry. Club Désirée - making people horny since 2012.

Namby Pamby Boy

19 July: Diversity Sunday feat. Namby Pamby Boy (live) & DJ support by Lazy Mason

Saxophonist Fabian Rucker, pianist Philipp Nykrin and drummer Andreas Lettner grew up playing, listening, and exploring music together, from Stravinsky to Monk, Aphex Twin to Arvo Pärt,  Dylan to J Dilla, and in doing so developed a healthy distaste for "genre," 'meaning,"  and "purity." 
Peering about a musical landscape littered with these concepts, they built NAMBY PAMBY BOY to circumvent the stifling encumbrance that these words represent. Produced in their Vienna hi-tech-gear-head cave, their second record, Greatest Hits Vol.2,  continues their quest of the indefinable.
NAMBY PAMBY BOY includes anything and everything and worships nothing - except Fun, and the Extreme.
NAMBY PAMBY BOY.  Small batch music, handmade in Austria.

7 Citizens (© Roland Grand) & willFling

20 July: 7 Citizens & willFling (Praterei)

7 Citizens [Praterei, Hundred20, 7E, Waxolutionists, Vienna] Rebéllion Analogue. The tracks he plays are simply what they are, nothing more and nothing less: pure, analogue – sometimes sketchy, sometimes complexly arranged, instrumental dance songs with some hidden romance.
born in 1979.
dj since 1998.
now its 2015.

LINKS hundredtwenty
ImPulsTanz festival lounge 2014 © Karolina Miernik

21 July: ImPulsTanz on decks

Each Tuesday and Thursday people of the ImPulsTanz crew, artists and workshop teachers spin the turntables in the festival lounge for you. Today: Vera Rebl, Oleg Soulimenko, Hörfrau Kollektiv, Brain & Brain
Cid Rim © Andreas Waldschütz

22 July: Affine im Sommer feat. Cid Rim (Lucky Me, Affine Records) & Lehrl (Affine Records)

The world of Cid Rim circles around the boundless magic and mythical formulas of funk. When
speaking of his influences and musical socialisation, the 28 year old viennese producer and drummer of JSBL inevitably ends in the 70ies of the past century. Think of the JBs, big band sounds á la Stan Kenton or the drum breaks, which widely opened his personal doors to funk.
Through constant exchange with his band colleagues Dorian Concept and The Clonious he sharpened his producer skills and also pushed forward into progressive HipHop and contemporary electronica. While startin´ as an enthusiastic sample digger his current works unfold a tempo-independence, a playful and interlaced sound, shifted with deep chords. A hybrid of programmed beats and analogue drum patterns meets razorsharp grooves and monumental power-steps.

Cid celebrated his debut in 2010 with his Full Nelson EP on Affine Records, followed by a signing from prestigious scottish Label Lucky Me where he released his much-noted and self-titled micro album „CID RIM“ in 2012. In the following year he continued with the 4 track EP „Mute City“. 2013 is also the year where he emerged as a distinctive remixer and collaborator. The last 12 months have seen him produce for Theophilus London and Spoek Mathambo. His trademark remixes for CHVRCHES, Mikky Ekko or Darwin Deez clocked up serious airplay all across the world and been heavily featured by various BBC radio hosts.


Cid Rim – Draw (Official Video):

Cid Rim – Fade (Live Edit):

Cid Rim at Boiler Room London:

Cid Rim – Mute City (LIVE, Studio2 Session for Radio FM4)
ImPulsTanz festival lounge 2014 © Johanna Figl

23 July: ImPulsTanz on decks

Each Tuesday and Thursday people of the ImPulsTanz crew, artists and workshop teachers spin the turntables in the festival lounge for you.
Today: Zuzee, Archie Burnett & Bravo Lafortune, Laurent Ziegler
Pezo Fox © Pezo Fox

25 July: Pezo Fox (Steelo/P.O.M.) hosted by FAQ

Classic hip hop, funk and disco hits are sweaping across the dance floor with the intent to burn the floor! As a member of the P.O.M. Crew he has definitely been one of the names that are dropped when it's about hip hop in Vienna. His taste of music is pretty broad (with the focus on "pretty") and when he is spinning the turn tables it's all about making people trip the light fantastic toe to his funky beats. (
Willi Landl © Rania Moslam

26 July: Diversity Sunday feat. Willi Landl Band (live) & DJ support by Katja Schröckenstein – IDOCDE Closing Party

On this, his third album, Willi Landl focuses on the constant interplay of news, advertising and entertainment in human relationships: sex violence. His band play catchy tunes in an unusual way - they turn experiments into pop songs and deepness into hits.
And here Willi Landl‘s no-frills, bawdy mouth opens up like a unique surprise package filled with lieder and pop songs between Hamburg and Vienna.

Willi Landl – voc | Michael Hornek – piano | Stefan Thaler– bass | Christian Grobauer - drums

DJ Katja Schröckenstein plays music from Schröckitown: From Nouvelle Vague to Blaxploitation -
Vienna based filmmaker, author and DJn Katja Schröckenstein presents you an experienced mix of rare vinyl ranging from Afro&Brazil, HipHop, Boogaloo, France Pop to uptempo Deephouse inspired by films from Nouvelle Vague to Blaxploitation as well as the Blackpower Mixtape! Take a ride on the Soultrain...
Joja & Roman Rauch

27 July: Joja (V ARE) & Roman Rauch (Manifest / Klamauk)

Roman Rauch (Manifest / Klamauk) is an uncompromising musician, pushing his musical boundaries and upholding quality in everything he does. He is not only an amazing live act but also a brilliant DJ that blends Deep House with Broken Beat and sophisticated Electronica, with a nod to Chicago and Detroit – deep, rough and real.
High demand keeps him busy with constant gigs, radio shows (Generell Deep) and releases on the likes of Quintessentials, Philpot, 4 Lux, Tenderpark, Carmelo, as well as collaborating with Kid Sublime, Minor Sick, Perrez, Alex Bayer, Philta, Blunted Monkz and Dorian Concept and receiving remix treatment from Soulphiction, Ark, Glenn Astro, Skipson and Simoncino among others. You can also add to this his recent debut LP ‘Heliocentric’ on Klamauk in keeping with Roman’s dusty samples, slowed down grooves and weighty rhythm sections, all drawing on Roman’s years of crate digging. Booking:
© Karolina Miernik

28 July: ImPulsTanz on decks

Each Tuesday and Thursday people of the ImPulsTanz crew, artists and workshop teachers spin the turntables in the festival lounge for you. Today: MGS, Sara Leghissa, Sigrid Lauren, Bobo´s don´t cry

29 July: Hanzo (Wiener Endorphine) & Woodcut (Pusic Records)

HANZO { wiener endorphine } loves to play floating and playful dance music, while always keeping it dreamy and melodic.
WOODCUT Two brothers from different mothers share their love for music.
ImPulsTanz festival lounge 2014 © Johanna Figl

30 July: ImPulsTanz on decks

Each Tuesday and Thursday people of the ImPulsTanz crew, artists and workshop teachers spin the turntables in the festival lounge for you. Today: Mermaid & Seafruit - live (22.30 Uhr), Felix Dompreh, Anya Kravchenko, Emma Daniel & Adriano Wilfert Jensen & Rebecca Jensen, Team Zissou
Katharina Seidler © Pamela Russmann

31 July: FM4 Friday feat. Katharina Seidler & Philipp L'Heritier

Katharina Seidler is a music journalist and music editor at radio FM4. And a DJ next to all that.
Philipp L’heritier is also a DJ (Disco, House, Elektronik, funky Postpunk, Stuff) plus he writes about music, tv series', books and pop (for GROOVE, Die Presse, The Gap, NOISEY, Der Standard, De: Bug u.a.).  Like Katharina he is also a music editor at radio FM4 .
© The Reboot Joy Confession

01 August: Affine im Sommer feat. Zanshin (Affine Records) & The Reboot Joy Confession (Philpot) hosted by Flowery Field

Zanshin is from Vienna and likes to play with sounds. A versatile beast, kind of a swiss army knife of electronic music. He enjoys banging out frenetic and frantic beat structures capable of blowing any rock formation to bits and pieces, he relishes the lush and lascivious green fields of thick synthesized ambiences.
Exploring Zanshin will leave you with traces of any kind of broken step leading to classic electro flirting with abstract jazz and avantgarde. This is music that spreads from sweaty club floors to lonely rides on the night train with ease, a fractured panorama of emotional complexity.
He celebrated his debut in 2011 with “The Humdrum Conundrum EP” followed by the experimental rooted full length album “Rain Are In Clouds” on Affine Records in the same year. In 2013 he began to fiddle with uptempo sounds and served the “bass-heavy-broken-house” blueprint “Swings & Roundabouts” which showed his preferences as a DJ in a clear manner.
Zanshin is an idea, more a concept than a name, meaning "the heart that remains". As its roots are found in asian martial arts, it is hinting at a certain kind of vigilance and alertness, ready to react in any given situation. Something for your mind, body and soul.


Zanshin – Low End Fairy:

Zanshin – Esmeralda The Swift (Official Video):

Zanshin – Lilacc Locc (Official Video):

The Reboot Joy Confession is a galactic venture. With an uncut sound aesthetic the Viennese musician travels through different genre-universes. Utterly weird sounds of the next generation of downtempo house, a mixture of flashy disco and magic swing music, full of misteries and yet unshakably optimistic – it's difficult to describe this sound without letting the midn wander far out into outer space. Not for nothing the lates album is titled "Absolut III Way harmonious Enterprise".



hosted by
Romantic Battle

02 August: Diversity Sunday feat. Romantic Battle - Gestern Girl & Kevin Love

kevin love & gesterngirl: 8 golden Rules of LAMOURHATSCHER/SLOWDANCE
1  Find someone to dance with
2  Get your partner on the dancefloor
3  Assume the position
4  Assess your relationship with your partner
5  Begin to move
6  Follow the music
7  Interact with your partner
8  Thank your partner for the dance

A romantic is a person who believes in romanticism, which is like a philosophy on life. Romantics love nature, old things like castles and churches, love poetry and beauty, and have a tendency to get carried away by ideas. This can be both bad and good, as most of the original romantics stood up for their beliefs and greatly helped England, but also went to help people in revolutions and got killed. They also tend to get randomly depressed, but this is because the weather and colors and beautiful things make them act differently than others.
Trishes © Christof Moderbacher

03 August: Trishes (FM4 Tribe Vibes) & Worst Messiah (AWESVM)

The Viennese musician, vinyl junkie, radio presenter (FM4) and journalist has, next to releasing his own stuff on labels such as his very own Beattown, as well at Melting Pot Music, TLM or Duzz Down San, put dance floors between Bratislava and Oakland in motion. With funky sounds between HipHop, Soul, Funk, Disco, Reggae, Electro and Jazz.

ImPulsTanz Festival 2014 © Karolina Miernik

04 August: ImPulsTanz on decks

Each Tuesday and Thursday people of the ImPulsTanz crew, artists and workshop teachers spin the turntables in the festival lounge for you.
© Franco Forte

05 August: FRANCO FORTE (francophil)

Franco Forte [ImPulsTanz/francophil/Lockendisco]

ImPulsTanz festival lounge 2014 © Johanna Figl

06 August: ImPulsTanz on decks

Each Tuesday and Thursday people of the ImPulsTanz crew, artists and workshop teachers spin the turntables in the festival lounge for you.
Today: Malika Fankha, Hagit Yakira, CatLektric, Jamila Johnson Small & Mira Kautto, Maxipanic & Jordan
Madchen Brunner & Christian Fuchs (© Pamela Russmann)

07 August: FM4 Friday feat. Madchen Brunner & Christian Fuchs

Madchen Brunner & Christian Fuchs
FM4 Hosts Eva Deutsch aka Madchen Brunner and Christian Fuchs connects not only their passion for U.S. series, horror movies and a past in Goth-clubs, but also their taste in music. Extending from shimmering electro-pop and indie remixes to Queer Hip Hop and gloomy synth, from heroes like David Bowie to Detroit rapper Angel Haze.
Laminat © Sebastian Freudenschuss

08 August: Ascending Waves hosted by the gap feat. BCKSRCKR & Lamiant | Kobermann (Ascending Waves)

Laminat | Kobermann has already been around for many years and meanwhile gained a high reputation for his skillfull DJing and versatile, eclectic taste in dance music. His mixes contain Hip Hop, House, Techno and everything in between. All with a certain moodyness and lush grooves. On stage he convinces and lures the crowd with his technical skills and multiple deck mixing. He loves to fade in extra accapellas and synth lines in order to give more expression and intensity to his storytelling DJ sets. Under his moniker Laminat he delivers all different kinds of house music. His alter ego Kobermann though is more focused on harsher, more noisefull and raw stuff.


hosted by
© Funk Food

10 August: Funk Food Collective (Zuzee, Dan B., Dr.Gre und Groovekracker [Pfefferminz & Gru])

Quickly earning the reputation for being the most important dance opportunities for the masses to seriously get-down, Funk Food parties is where creatives, workplace warriors and dancers of the city from all walks of life, come to play. The crowd is a beautiful representation of New York City soul and Vienna home-grown urban style. Expect a liberal use of Hip Hop, Chicago / NY house music, soul classics, disco and just about anything with a serious beat and beyond, that should leave you walking away with a smile and "gagging" for more.
ImPulsTanz festival lounge 2014 © Karolina Miernik

11 August: ImPulsTanz on decks

Each Tuesday and Thursday people of the ImPulsTanz crew, artists and workshop teachers spin the turntables in the festival lounge for you.
Today: Ziya Azazi "HIghlights of Dervish in Progress", Li-Sa, die Falterinnen, Maarten Seghers - live, Ajda Es, Simon Mayer & Sons of Sissy - live
The Clonious © Lupi Spuma

12 August: Affine in summer feat. Wandl & The Clonious (Affine Records)

Imagine running into The Clonious, that dude equipped with hundred headphones which directly interact with his musical epicentre. He elegantly puts together the apparent inconsiderable and the clearly essential elements, subsequently he breaks –music- into rhythm + harmonies to reach a point at which it is incontrovertible to discuss the perception that jazz is the mother of it all.
A soulsearcher and vinyl aficionado who wouldn’t mind to know how to smash a breakdance in a jam packed club, usually he ticks out without being asked anyhow though. His journey started in 2007 where he participated at the Red Bull Music Academy in Toronto. Just 2 years later he got signed by San Francisco based Ubiquity Records releasing his debut album “Between the Dots” which received great attention and reputation all over the world. In 2010 he teamed up with his labelmate Cid Rim for the split EP “Full Nelson” and served a fine blend of various uptempo styles plus a collaboration with respected Detroit Vocalist Paul Randolph.
Over the years The Clonious proved his qualities as a versatile DJ from Vienna to Cape Town. As a remixer as well - you can find various trademark reworks for the likes of Alice Russell, longtime companion Dorian Concept or Krts on his visiting card.


The Clonious ft. Musinah – One At A Time

The Clonious – Truth (ft. Paul Randolph)

The Clonious vs. Cid Rim – Elevate Festival 2011
ImPulsTanz festival lounge 2014 © Karolina Miernik

13 August: ImPulsTanz on decks

Each Tuesday and Thursday people of the ImPulsTanz crew, artists and workshop teachers spin the turntables in the festival lounge for you.
Today: Heute: Lilo Stern & Fio, Eleanor Bauer, BOYZ in THE WOODs - live
© Sweetheat

14 August: CLOSED

--> ImPulsTanz party!
Today the ImPulsTanz festival lounge has its day off, but no need for despair! Join us at the ImPulsTanz Party at Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz, where among others Sweetheat are playing live.

Hedonismus Hacienda

15 August: Hedonismus Hacienda

The P's

16 August: Diversity Sunday Special feat. Mashiko feat. Big John Whitfield and special guest Ola Egbowon

Due to illness the formerly schedulded The P's had to cancel their concert, but we are very happy with the awesome alternative!

ImPulsTanz soçial "Gemischter Satz" is supported by AKM.

ImPulsTanz soçial in Kooperation mit FM4.
ImPulsTanz soçial Programm:
party_queen productions



Dancer: Helmut Fixl © Johanna Figl

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impressions'15 © Karolina Miernik


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