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ProSeries: 2014

Ko Murobushi †

Les Innombrables Nijinski

Ko Murobushi is currently working on his new creation for 2015 and is looking for collaborators.

Please join into "Les Innombrables Nijinski".

Ko Murobushi will try to create the new thing with your bodies....

if you want to dance: "Nijinski"

if you want to dance: "Midnight"

and if you want to dance: "the body of Zero degree"....

What is the pure experience of the <outside>?

Is it possible to dance the < outside>?

<Outside>, means outside of all dance techniques and thus the first experience of something new.

"The attraction is for Blanchot undoubtedly what for Sade is desire, for Nietzsche the power, for Artaud the materiality of thought, for Bataille the transgression: the pure, mere experience of the outside." (Foucault, La pensée du dehors)

My body is no longer just one, but innumerable. In the Midnight, at the moment of Zero O'Clock, numerous embracing and composite bodies, will conceive innumerable Nijinskys!

Why do I still deal with Nijinsky and Mallarmé in the 21st century? In fact, my dance career started with Nijinsky's Faun in Japan.

I am also very attached to the poem "Minuit" of Mallarmé ... I see some similarities with the "Midnight Song" by Nietzsche in it. But I put my thoughts behind. I detach myself from my own intention and while detaching I find myself confronted with plural dancers' bodies – directly.

The direct contact with bodies is the key to "Minuit". 

Ko Murobushi

The participation in this Pro Series Project will result in a presentation at the end of the project and could lead to a professional engagement for Ko Murobushi’s new project in 2015.

ArtistBio: Ko Murobushi †


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