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Marc Coudrais
© Marc Coudrais
Field Projects: 2014

Mathilde Monnier

le corps cette archive

The issue of archiving concerns a lot of choreographic works of the contemporary dance scene. The dance archive is vast and complex, consisting of a history of scores, personal writings and drawings, notations, but also of other types of documentation such as video, Youtube, pictures, objects and the memory of the body. We are part of this living archive. The body remembers, the muscles do not forget.

This Field Project intends to work with the archives of each participant. Together we will reflect on these issues of tracing and re-activation (re-enactment). But mostly it will be a practice in the present, an experimental activity, without a celebration of the past but rather an activity, which looks at memory from this present point of view, thus offering a distant position. We will examine the need of preserving history of dance, dance quotes and inherent gestural events. We try to build a form of living exhibition that assembles the work of this Field Project into a collective archive presented at the end of the week.

For the warm-up of each day we will practise Ashtanga Yoga.

ArtistBio: Mathilde Monnier


© Karolin Miernik


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