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Andreas Berger & Chris Haring
© Andreas Berger & Chris Haring
Field Projects: 2014

Andreas Berger & Chris Haring

Clips and Loops

"The glimpse of a moment", which is the focus of this Research Project, will be frozen, granulated, glued together and looped. The starting points are excerpts of existing works of the participants and some miniatures specifically developed during this Field Project. The applied working method is inspired by the prevailing image speed of the social media.

This 5-day Field Project mainly focuses on the differences and little details of repeated motion-miniatures, analyses their performance and the resulting perception of the recipient. In terms of movement, the equality of repeated sequences is a challenge – also on the part of perception repetition has a complex structure. What does not strike at first sight can be noticed the second time. Something that produces discomfort at first hearing and seeing, might come closer in the repetition and become familiar or even pleasant, and vice versa. The repeated is never exactly the same but corresponds to the habituation effect and draws more attention to the previously escaped or blocked from perception. Repetition can be considered as intensification. But the actual performance often evolves from the gaps between individual motives.

This Field Project is addressed to dance artists, who are used to create performance sequences and hang around in the net in their spare time, or vice versa ...

ArtistBio: Andreas Berger
ArtistBio: Chris Haring


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