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Field Projects: 2014

Esther Balfe & Mani Obeya

The Imaginative Body

Drawing from many years of processing movement, utilising the body as a language facilitator within a choreographic construct, with the intention of applying a series of tools and systems within the domain of sensation, imagination, creative thought and intuitive patterning - we will lead the Field Project participants through the week, capitalising on their individual capacity for movement. Passing information from one filter to another, we will embark on a transformative journey, expounding on a common lexicon.

After our daily warm-up, which combines kinetic form, a strength building practice and yoga, we will concentrate to assimilating and studying a structure, from which to orientate the movement and acquiring skills to apply to the functions needed for partnering work later to be utilised in the solo, duo and possible trio work. Here we build a rhythmic score that will serve as one part of an interchangeable map from which we will work. This score will be prefabricated in part and the rest created with the individual participants. Our intention is to carry through the primarily physical groundwork from the early part of the day, in connection with the last hours of the groundwork, which are analytical in nature, questioning and defining the instruction so far and at this stage drawing closer attention to theatrical elements of the work in progress.

This Field Project is aimed at individuals with a good physical awareness.

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