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Andreas J. Etter
© Andreas J. Etter
Field Projects: 2014

Jozef Frucek & Linda Kapetanea

Fighting Monkey Practice / 30 Wood Beams and Endless Composition

This Field Project is booked, applications are no longer accepted!

This year we have prepared a unique way for practising composition, strength and adaptability. We will be using 30 wooden beams of 65kg each to create movement situations in which you can test how adaptable and creative you are in challenging circumstances.

Under the "mother ship" of RootlessRoot exists a "deeply rooted" extension known, by the name of "Fighting Monkey Practice".

This research reconnects with the most essential principles that give birth to, nourish and restore forgotten movement patterns and mobility, accessing a powerful potential of simple human motion. They journey with integrity, examining and testing limits via practical experience, using difficulty and danger to develop strength, adaptability and softness.

Linda and Jozef engage in dynamic experimentation with movement practitioners of various disciplines, in order to examine human behaviour and motion in context of environment in which the human evolves and develops.

Discovering movement efficiency patterns and basic human motor skills that are appearing across diverse movement disciplines, assist Linda and Jozef in designing irregular training methods; cultivating a self-organised, adaptive system that provokes more creative variability to challenging situations.

ArtistBio: Jozef Frucek
ArtistBio: Linda Kapetanea


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