May, 2013

On dogs & ducks, Anouk & Ziya, nothing & something, workshops & research, all at ImPulsTanz 2013 (May 2013)

“30 is the new 20” (Jay-Z)
“Why 30 is not the new 20” (TED)
“30 is the new 80” (Vogue)
“72 is the new 30” (Financial Times)
- ImPulsTanz #30. What else?

Well, that’s complex. And not in our hands. OUR summer anyway would love to include you. And has therefore put out a lot of electronic flirting devices. Yet, while “booking tool” or “online ticketing” will just never become the new black, some artists’ statements might. Pretty lyrical, those dance artists of the 21st century!

While Jennifer Lacey and Valentina Desideri explore “a shadow of mid-century, western, counter-culture mysticism passed through various art sieves: experimental concept, Technicolor gore, late high-art canon”, Alice Chauchat and Alix Eynaudi will tackle “empathy, care, parasitism, camouflage and cannibalism” in their research. Architect Bettina Vismann indulges in “wasting practises” and Ann Liv Young nowadays advocates “live, dance and love”. Choreographers/dramaturges Ismail Fayed and Adham Hafez promise to “deconstruct ideas of identities by dance”, DD Dorvillier is proposing a “strictly not nostalgic catalogue of steps” and Magdalena Chowaniec and Valerie Oberleithner chant
“Endanger authorities
// Search for social courage
// Talk openly
// Own little”.

You see. The Real Epic. At the research project series of ImPulsTanz 2013. And most of them still offering time and space to join.

True. There are almost 200 further workshops, too. But this you seem to have known already, given the fact that there are already the first add-ons… Still, from Anouk to Ziya, from Butoh to World, from Beginner to Advanced, from 4 to 55+, some sparkling personalities, some daring methods and certainly some darling moments are awaiting you. More and more workshops are now also introducing themselves with little vids – see by yourself:

Kowalsky: "sometimes doing nothing leads to something"
Vera: "or the other way round"
Kowsalsky: "sometimes doing something leads to nothing?"
Vera: "yes, and that's fine"
Kowalsky: "sometimes I wonder whether everything is just fine"

Ultimate balance, huh? Yikes. Striking melancholy, though, in a gorgeous piece, too, (by Gunilla Heilborn, who on her part borrowed these lines from Richard Sarafian’s 1971 movie “Vanishing Point”).
Grand emotions, along with over-sized blue elefants, Schuhplattler, speech acts and some original Harlem shakes, a prize gala feat. Eleanor Bauer, orient meets occident in an “occupied” museum, and really all 20 looks of Trajal Harrell are only a few good reasons to follow William Kentridge’s advice to “Refuse the Hour” and to instead join us in the theatres, as many nights as doable. It all starts on July 9. In front of a theatre. On a catwalk amidst turf amidst Vienna’s MuseumsQuartier. Admission free.

“If tomato is a fruit, isn’t Ketchup then technically a smoothie?”

In order to not fall into some sentimental trap alongside its anniversary year, ImPulsTanz, never bored, added some new stuff. The above quoted process issue is only one of the many issues addressed on Actually, this very issue is not really addressed as the quotee knows little more than quotes, but practically all other issues around contemporary dance education and its documentation ARE actually profoundly being dealt with. “Silcence Sharing Value”, “Narcissisma: feed and accept the hungry ghosts”, “poor me”, “back in the kitchen”, “homage to our teachers”, “recycle me”, you name it.

Finally, ImPulsTanz co-founder and long-term dance director of the Biennale di Venezia, Ismael Ivo, teleported his education programme from the Venice Arsenale to the Vienna Arsenal. The new-born Biblioteca do Corpo now draws young dancers from all over the world to join for a 6-week choreographic coaching experience including training, research and an original choreography by Ismael Ivo to be performed at ImPulsTanz. And in Sao Paulo. It’s a bit pricy (no public funding yet), might need some structural funding on the applicant’s end (school, family), but includes a free ride to Brazil, hello!

"Dogs rarely warm my heart" (Anna Wagner)
“What do you think about the duck?“ (Trajal Harrell)
“If a lion could talk, we could not understand him.” (Ludwig Wittgenstein)



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