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Sabine Sonnenschein

Contact Improvisation based on Tantra

In this class, through tantric approach und techniques, CI becomes a tantric practice and sensual dance experience in which space for love energy, full of presence and awareness is provided within a defined form.
We will experience classical basics of CI techniques (dealing and playing with gravity, effect and use of weight) in a new way because of tantric approaches towards the world, such as sparsa (touching und getting touched), spanda (vibration of the consciousness and the world) and surrender to your lover.
In dance we touch the space - our lover. You allow the awareness to experience you, the space, and us. CI, as a tantric practice, means experiencing an "us" who arises from non-intentionality, from improvisation, and from the moment.
Dancing has neither future nor destination, but is always now, in this moment.

A deep encounter becomes possible, if I do not want anything from you, or you from me. A deep encounter becomes possible, when I don't just use you to feel myself and when my ego does not instrumentalise you, but instead, becomes silent and we experience each other and the space. We do not lose ourselves in one other when our awareness of the space brings us into harmony with the systole and diastole of the universe.

You first just observe your breath. Finally in breathing you are able to let energy circulate in your body, to absorb as well as emit energy.
We experience a range of qualities of touch from touching the aura of somebody to pressure using the full weight of your body. Exploring these qualities of touch we fine-tune our perception and all of our senses in order to enter into play with one another.
There are impulses that lead us deeper into each other and open spaces inwardly, and such that enable us to move outwards, expanding into the space.
If you listen to each other in an encounter, an adequate dance can take place.
You practise awareness sensing yourself, you practise responsibility for yourself and empathy for others. You are invited to recognise your personal limits and taboos. You may preserve them, experiment with them or transcend them.
We will work in a group of mixed gender.
For participation some experience in a wholesome as well as physical training is needed, like Tantra, CI or dance, dance improvisation, Yoga, Tai Chi, martial arts etc.
None of the heteronormativity of classical Tantra!

Please bring a rose on the first day!

ArtistBio: Sabine Sonnenschein
Workshopoverview 2012
Week1: 16. Jul - 20. Jul 2012


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