Karolina Miernik
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Defne Erdur

Hunting & Gathering
Quest for a joyfully serious and seriously joyful creative process

In this workshop I am proposing to work with the tools of various art disciplines and means of expressive art therapies towards enhancing the creative processes of performing artists.
The primary prospect of this work is to support individuals to relate to their own self and reflect on their needs, ideas, environment and tools in playful and joyful ways.

The workshop will flow in accordance with the physical, mental and emotional processes of each participant. Whatever her/his expressive skills are, whichever her/his main language for creation is, each individual will be encouraged to reach out for other languages (movement, drawing, sound, sculpting, writing…) to encounter her/his own landscape of mind and body. Meanwhile we will be in constant search for opportunities for everyone to relate to her/his own aesthetic orientations, values, thoughts, fears, judgements etc.

Likewise, participants will be guided towards finding and developing their unique ways to create, document and present their authentic works. And the sharing and exchanging group will be our foundation for supportive and encouraging environment, for the creating individual to be more curious, tolerant to ambiguity, more playful and exploratory.
Directed discussions and feedback time will be open on every stage of the work, where the making of each individual will be a bridge to verbal communication.
It all comes and it all goes, so lets hunt and gather what’s in-between.
Here and now. You and you.
There is no other place to be, no other way to do.
And all I can do is to accompany you…

ArtistBio: Defne Erdur
Workshopoverview 2012
Week3: 30. Jul - 03. Aug 2012


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