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CoachingProject: 2012


The State Choreographer
with Dana YAHALOMI (Leader of Public Movement)

The Coaching Project will observe and produce the performance of politics. Beyond party affiliation, we will take responsibility for the creation of arenas in which the large public performs itself as a political body.

Politics exist within our bodies. We can easily recognise the dance of citizenship or the choreography of sovereignty executed by the state. We will train in them both, conceptually and physically, to become agents of this useful knowledge.

In the course of this week, we will act as a new branch of Public Movement. We will map sites of Vienna according to history, current and future events in public space, explore the aesthetics and erotics of the Volk and of the state, and focus on the art of "pre-enacting" which introduces a political fact into the public realm rather then reconstruct it. The art of "pre-enacting" is discourse-specific, can only happen at a certain place and at a certain point in time, it is governed by a specific constellation of social trauma and political ambition. We will work against the idea of a political commitment for or against a certain paradigm. Public Movement proposes the role of a State Artist who works in society and within the political collective, but does not serve a rigid partisan ideology.

Public Movement is a performative research body which investigates and stages political actions in public spaces. It studies and creates public choreographies, forms of social order, overt and covert rituals. Among Public Movement's actions in the past and in the future: manifestations of presence, fictional acts of hatred, new folk dances, synchronised procedures of movement, spectacles, marches, inventing and reenacting moments in the life of individuals, communities, social institutions, peoples, states, and of humanity.
In the last six years, Public Movement has explored the regulations, forces, agents, and policies, formations of identity and systems of ritual which govern the dynamics of public life and public space. The Movement was founded in November 2006 by Omer Krieger and Dana Yahalomi, the later assumed sole leadership in 2011. Public Movement has taken responsibility for the following actions: "Accident" (2006), "The Israel Museum" (2007), "Also Thus!" (Acco, 2007), "Rally" (Rabin Square, 2007), "Operation Free Holon", "Change of Guard (With Dani Karavan, Tel-Aviv Museum of Art), "Public Movement House" (2008), "Spring in Warsaw" (2009), "Performing Politics for Germany" (2010), "University Exercise" (Heidelberg, 2010), "Positions" (NY, 6.11.11, Performa&OWS), "SALONS: Birthright Palestine?" (New Museum, New York, 2012) and "The Reenactment of the Mount Herzl Terrorist Attack" (Upcoming).



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