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© Herman Sorgeloos
© Herman Sorgeloos

Rosas / Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker & Ictus (BE)

„Drumming Live“

“Much of my work in the past five years has been about spirals. They are basic forms – as a growth process, as a development in space... I see spirals everywhere.” This is what Anne Terese de Keerskmaeker said before the world première of “Drumming” at ImPulsTanz in 1998. Now she has reworked the piece and presents it in a new production in the Burgtheater. An ecstasy of movement to the percussion composition of the same name by US American minimalist Steve Reich, performed live on stage by the Belgian ICTUS Ensemble, it was then choreographed for twelve dancers.

“Drumming” is exemplary for the minimalist trend of the 1970s. Reich got the idea on a trip to Ghana in 1971. He used phase shifts and overlaps of instruments in one and the same phrase. Keersmaeker, fascinated by Reich from the beginning of her career, used the principle of the golden ratio for her structure of movement and space. Her inspiration was the medieval mathematician Fibonacci: if a rectangle is continually divided in the golden ratio, then a “logarithmic spiral” can be inscribed in this figure. A perfect gift for dance, as “Drumming” demonstrates.

Duration: approx. 60 min.


Jul 14, 2012, 21:00
Jul 16, 2012, 21:00


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