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Hagit Yakira

Contemporary Jazz
Be spontaneous and daring!

In this contemporary jazz class Hagit introduces her unique style, blending elements of jazz with contemporary. It is a highly physical and energetic class, emphasising dynamics, timing, musicality, and abilities; as well as inviting participants to be spontaneous and daring in the types and quality of the movement vocabulary, challenging their virtuosity.
A hip class taught by Hagit in London on a regular basis, as well as in different dance festivals and centres in Europe and Israel.
The class has a set warm up, some improvisation tasks and it ends with exciting dance sequences introducing different combination of dance styles.

For the last 13 years Hagit has been developing this technique class, believing that dance should be learned in a positive, energetic, fast and ecstatic environment, where a celebration of movement in time and space can happen. The fun environment enables Hagit to push the students to their limits and build their identity as performers and dancers. Combining her skills and expertise as a dance movement therapist with her philosophical approaches to dance, performance and education, she encourages passionate, emotional and experimental approach to dancing.

In the beginners class the emphasis will be on the enjoyment of moving through simple yet challenging dance routines; shifting constantly from set material to improvisation, allowing each dancer to explore his/her own way of moving.

The advanced class will be more as a laboratory in which the students can put into practice all the contemporary and classical dance techniques they’ve learned and improve on them by adding their individual expression.

ArtistBio: Hagit Yakira
Workshopoverview 2011
Week2: 25. Jul - 29. Jul 2011


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