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Nir Arieli
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Ori Flomin

Yoga for Dancers
Yoga as an art, a science and a practice

In this Hatha Vinyasa based class the Israeli Ori Flomin, member of the Stephen Petronio Company for many years, will present Yoga as an art, a science and a practice. A way for dancers to deepen their knowledge of their own body and understand its connection with the mind, breath and spirit. Strong emphasis will be put into our continued awareness of using breath through challenging postures. This will enable us to find a calm centre and push our physical ability forward without adding stress to our bodies.

The class will begin with a brief chant followed by breathing exercises and sun salutation, helping the body to mold and shape into other poses. The class will move to postures that strengthen and stretch the whole body: Balance poses, standing poses, forward bends, back bends, twists and inversions. The class will finish with a deep final relaxation. Some partnering stretches will also be taught.

ArtistBio: Ori Flomin
Workshopoverview 2011
Intensive3: 06. Aug + 07. Aug 2011


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