July, 2011

On applied artists, add-ons, al-Gaddafi and certainly almost 5 weeks of dance in Vienna (July)

"Come and dance with me / And I give to you / A nation of applied artists
Come and dance with me / come and recline / come and rebel against modernity
Come and dance with me / come on let's make art / and then we daily think of each other
Come and sing with me / come let's take poison / and then we think of Karl Kraus and Thomas Bernhard"

So says the grand yet sometimes slightly unstable but still epic Laokoongruppe. A.k.a. Karl Schwamberger. Not everyone's name can be Greco. Or Alessi, Dorvillier, Bengolea. A few one's can, though. They are all gonna come to Vienna this summer. Us lucky bastards us.

While the general population of Greece rapidly approaches the life standard that the creative precariate already fancies for decades and while France and the USA once again cover up something crucial with moral infights, we kind of don't bother and repeatedly state ADD-ON WORKSHOP! ADD-ON PERFORMANCE! Geo-Trauma Dance! Turbulence – a dance about the economy! What can performing arts do out of al-Gaddafi and other "real politics" outbreaks! Si, viaggiare! Cultures en crises! That's how we are. Cute, somehow. Stubborn, too.

Anyway, all of the above is for real. Yadeeya, the thing with economy and society politics, too, but certainly the movement artists' reaction upon it. The original and the add-on. The premiere frenzy is not everyone's business, after all. And not all of us are the decisive type. Take Terence Lewis: 3 days ago, 10 of his dancer did not have their visas, yet. But now they are here. And tomorrow they all open ImPulsTanz 2011 before the eyes of a couple of thousand Viennese. In two weeks then, he teaches an add-on Bollywood Dance class. That's his life. No bore, hm! And still at ease.

YOUR life is dear to us, too, as you probably could tell already from workshop titles such as "Tools for Partnering", "Potential Shamanism" or "Communal Epic Fiction". We certainly assembled some hefty program here, for during the evening (theatre), for during the night (festival lounge), for during the day (workshops) and even for those annoying transition times (talks, book launches). You, yep you, are welcome to it all. Your kids, too, in case they bother.

To start before the opening may be not the dernier cri of PR, but La La La Human Steps – not unlegendary, if I may say so – are doing Gluck and Purcell, two tragic love stories in one evening. Maybe that's why they have to dance so fast. Awesome. And today. Look for yourself:

If you like your looks to cost a little less, you may want to risk an eye on the various Club Cards of ImPulsTanz. A mighty bunch of offers there, one is inclined to assume that there are personalised packages for everyone interested, but let me tell YOU in brief: as of three whatevers at ImPulsTanz 2011, the Club is a bargain. So?

Auditions...those rascals also never leave you with empty hands. At least some new approaches to your beloved art form plus a few precious fellow seekers always stay with you. There's 6 of them this year at ImPulsTanz, starting with the one of Tanz Atelier Wien this weekend and then crossing over to Marie Chouinard via Cie7273 and Akram Khan. Merde!

"We actually wanted a rhino instead of an elefant. But elefant is easier." (Matt Kent, "Shadowland")



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