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April, 2011

On Wetlands, Tarot Dance Technique, Turducken and even a bit on ImPulsTanz 2011 (April)

The other day, on my way home from yet another lecture on emotions, militancy and performing arts (© C. Standfest), the big words of M. Smith still lingering in my ear ("clarity with others is honesty...honesty with oneself is a practice") (with echo and all, so really hauntingly in the ear), it struck me: hereandnow must be the new olive. For:


Today is not World Jogging Pants Day (this is - to common knowledge - January 21), neither is it World Wetlands Day (February 2) nor World Day of the alcohol-damaged child (September 9), it is World Dance Day, though. Why not. I thought, I’ll at least mention it. Choreographer/dancer Anne Teresa De Keersmaekeres has even commented on it:

"It is not about speed, it is about volume, baby!" said DD Dorvillier, but this was probably a different context.


Well, Monday, May 2 is apparently really the day when this summer’s workshops go online. Including descriptions in sometimes polished, sometimes adventurous English. Including timetables and photos and online registration mode. It all. Superherohiphop, Love Songs, Difficult Things Can Be Easy, Posterworkshop, More Than Naked, Future Shock, Instant Instinct, Wild Wise, Ballistic Body, The Art of Humility, Replacing Nothing With Something, Tarot Dance Technique...she who ain’t moved in the light of all this, is a stone.


...the mesdames et messieurs Aschwanden, Azpillaga, Berrettini, Bieringa, Dimchev, Duarte, Dubois, Frucek, Hennessy, Kapetanea, Lachambre, LeBlanc, Le Roy, Millar, Ölme, Parkins, Ramstad, Riéra, Rojo, Schad, Spångberg and Wanunu are inviting you for some mutual exploration. Such much research has never existed here. All those questions! Scary. For the curiously fearless amongst you:

In case you are by now suffering of acute overview dwindling (welcome to our club!) (ha), you may become a fan of the new ImPulsTanz micro site, where the programmation process of ImPulsTanz 2011 can be watched in the making:

(28 is divisible by 7 and thus oh ah number mystics, does not have its own World Day, yet, though, anyway, here it stands fort he age of ImPulsTanz. In years.)

Talking about numbers: rumoured 1.000.000 LSD trips were produced and distributed by Owsley “Bear“ Stanley, who now died a few weeks ago, abruptly, of course. Kesey and Leary bought from and wrote about him, Hendrix and The Grateful Dead sang loving songs about the “Bear“. And while befamed contemporary dance school P.A.R.T.S. is looking for a macrobiotic cook, Owsley adhered to an all-meat diet during his entire life. Surely, the Turducken ( will miss you dearly, Owsley.

"Onion fetishism is absolutely fine with me" (Ruth Westheimer)

"Why wait for subtlety" (Moriah Evans)



Dancer: Helmut Fixl © Johanna Figl

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