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Ákos Hargitay


What is Bodyparkour?
It is a created word of body and Parkour, reflecting on the parallel approach of dance (contemporary) and movement art (parkour).
BodyParkour is a new art and dance related form of movements. Based on the"Global Dancing" method, linking different dance-movement information and researching the connection between them, with a special focus on spiral movements. Influenced and inspired by the current trend sports Tricking, Parkour & Freerunning, Bodyparkour is integrating information from Open-Choreography, Contact Improvisation and Partnering, Breakdance, HipHop, Capoeira, using any obstacles and architecture for dancing-moving in-door and out-door.

The Workshop

During the workshop we will make specific movements to prepare ourselves for the deeply physical movements, creating dance combinations, small body-stunt moves and easy acrobatic dance movements. We will use a specific cube assembled out of scaffolding for our movements. The movement quality has a touch of reference to our great comic action hero Jacky Chan.

All kind of advanced dancers, sport, Parkour, Tricking and Capoira lovers are welcome, who are looking for a movement form which can integrate all this information to reach an eye catching and exciting, but never the less challenging, trendy dance style!

Please prepare your self with good comfortable sport shoes, knee pads or elbow pads for your protection!

Bodyparkour - History and facts:

*dance, contemporary dance is using-working with obstacles since very long time
*parallel the development of parkour Ákos was working/experimenting with very similar movements ( he named this body-stunt-skating),
*Ákos started as break dancer in early 80's since then he was always interested in all kinds of urban art forms, like Parkour is.
*Now, Ákos is experimenting to connect all this information that he collect over the past 25 years and call it BodyParkour.
*1998: Video

The Bodyparkour Project 2009/2010
The Company
The Company creation of "Bodyparkour & Freerunning" was nominated in Austria for a Stella Award in 2010.
ArtistBio: Ákos Hargitay
Workshopoverview 2010
Week3: 02. Aug - 06. Aug 2010


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