March, 2010

On Lagerfeld, Camus, McIntosh, Dorvillier, Gutierrez, July, Walker and all those other dancers

"Ballet is venom for the quota."

Said German TV show host Thomas Gottschalk, just recently, while reporting from Vienna's infamous Opera Ball. I don't know to what extent this can be read as a statement about contemporary dance, but still: amazing what's being said when you don't write for a while.

"Style often only is a superelevation of deficiancies."

Lagerfeld, one might think. But wrong. Camus.

Much more nutritious and generally one of my favourite remarks in an equally delightful performance lately, "Betrügen" by Gintersdorfer/Klaßen:

"Je suis le sal. Je suis dans toutes les sauces."

Quite generally, humour - that often dissed fellow on the dancefloor - enjoys a certain momentum right there. Kate McIntosh paired it even with excellent timing, likewise performers and psycho-scientific experiment in "DARK MATTER" and caused some joy in the house, let me tell you.

But now finally to the future in this contemporary newsletter - that's what you all yearn for, finally, no.

Some lovely folks from the distant continent of America are soon going to grace our lands. The glamorous DD Dorvillier and her amazing women are doing the quintessential colours in "Choreography, a Prologue for the Apocalypse of Understanding, Get Ready!" while the glamorous Maria Hassabi takes a sharp look at the look on women in contemporary art. Both in one evening at Brussel's' Kaaiville. March 19/20 yeah.

Just the week after and equally neatly wrapped together (or as the French gently call it: "Plateforme Transatlantique de Performances"): In a collective creation then to be titled "Avalanche-sur-Pompei", the glamorous Milka Djordjevich, Miguel Gutierrez, Trajal Harrell, and Liz Santoro among others are joining a bunch of olde worlde artistes to laugh inside, have a ball, contextualize utopia and things alike. Genet, Jean Genet, also has a word in the process.

Hm. America must still be very ... glamorous, according to those lines. Well, those humans are.

"What a terrible mistake to let go of something wonderful for something real." (Miranda July)

Another transatlantic merge led to the online coaching project "MOVE AGAINST IT". Its Salzburg founders sometimes disguise it as an online video dance competition, but what's exciting, is that your video submissions are being coached by choreograpers/dancers Davis Freeman, Slike Grabinger and Keren Levi. The former is already online waiting to work on your contribution. And finally, you can actually win, too. Residencies at szene salzburg resp. WorkSpace Brussels. Or workshops at ImPulsTanz resp. TanzQuartier Wien. As of now. And for performers and amateurs alike.

"hard times
furious dancing"
(Alice Walker)

Also as of now: the registration possibility regarding Alito Alessi's DanceAbility Teacher Training Programme within ImPulsTanz10! The man with the The man with the musical name is foremostly driven by the urge to cultivate a common ground for creative expression for all people. So, anyone interested not only get to learn how to teach mixed-ability dance classes, but generally get to mediate a slightly more relaxed body image.

Lives 2000km under the sea.
Every now and then, bubbles ascend."



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