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Hannah Siegesleuthner
© Hannah Siegesleuthner

Nicole Peisl

Dance is something that we do
point of view as a view

“This is what we do” is a point of view (statement, opinion, declaration) of how we can delve into dance. We will open up the space for observing dance, as well as see ourselves in dance.
By recognising the own action in dance per se and by establishing points of reference, we can acquire clarity in order to facilitate the development of an individual movement vocabulary. A gesture can have various points of reference and we enter the arena of different statements and meanings of the gesture. The role of the observer and the action of observing itself are supposed to have the same value as the one performing an action and the action itself. It is about the action in dance (the movement), the observation of dance and the shift from observation back into action.

The body, the listening, the close look, the perceiving, the receiving, the deliverance and the arrangement are tools available to us, as well as the space, the joy, the curiosity, the unknown and the discovery of possibilities. We will discover all of these tools through opening up to and the recognising of the action.

My background in improvisation and composition is based on the long lasting collaboration with William Forsythe and Michael Klien. My curiosity of looking sharply has been finetuned by my deep studies of Cranio Sacral therapy.
ArtistBio: Nicole Peisl
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