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Hannah Siegesleuthner
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Nicole Peisl

Contemporary Technique
playful and sensitive interplay with the body

What do I perceive? What surprises me?
The training offers a playful and sensitive interplay with the body. In the frame of a creative dialogue with the self, everyone will have the possibility to finetune his/her training and discover his/her individual way of dancing.

On the one hand we will explore the "availability“ of silence, movement, sound and touch, in order to find ourselves in the many facets of dance. Thus the term "empty" as a "not previously fixed idea" is the centre of our examination and a base for being responsive towards space.
On the other hand we will learn how to "finetune" ourselves and experience coordinative flexibility and ease. We will have the opportunity to sharpen and finetune our awareness of focus and its quality.
How much of my focus do I use and where do I turn it?

The practical exercises we will work with are from Yoga, Chi Quong, Cranio Sacral Therapy and Alexander technique. The goals are the strengthening of the spine (our axis) in relation to space and presence, the awareness of focus, free coordination of the body, find oneself with the appetite for movement and strengthening the body in a physical way.
ArtistBio: Nicole Peisl
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