October, 2009

On natural entanglement, emotional eloquence and splendiferous plenitude

"I did a twenty foot print and John Cage is involved in that because he was the only person I knew in New York who had a car and who would be willing to do this." (Robert Rauschenberg)

This natural entanglement of extremism and pragmatism in this art world...I am a fan.

Choreographer/author/performer Tim Etchells, e.g., only recently had farewelled Sigrid Gareis from Tanzquartier Wien (TQW) with grand, highly emotional eloquence and this week he welcomed her successor Walter Heun, with the equally intelligent and striking "First Night". Well, of course not only him. The entire TQW under its new director. And all of us who go there. Continuity and change - another one of those art world couples. And I dig it, too.

Hence, it goes an by beginning anew. Tonight with La Brown, legendary movement architect from New York. And out of her impressive oeuvre, Walter Heun/TQW & Karl Regensburger/ImPulsTanz (yep, a cooperation!) chose Trisha's Rauschenbergcollaborations. So, there's a chance to say hello again to the contemporary dance key work "Set and Reset". Including what Laurie Anderson came up with in this context. So see you there, right?

"Art is nice. But so much work." (Karl Valentin)

Much work is also what Joachim Schloemer, new head of Festspielhaus St. Pölten (Austria) put into the renewal of the venue's profile. As a result, there is not only a handsome programme brochure (feat. a notable photo series by Nick West), but also a programmation really inclined to contemporary dance. While its start boasts the very Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and his collaboration "Acpocrifu" with Corsican singers A Filetta, stage designer/photographer Herman Sorgeloos and costume designer Dries Van Noten (and lateron Akram Khan, John Jasperse, Random Dance), also less established artists/ensembles (e.g. Gavin Webber, Heddy Maalem, Clint Lutes) and experiments (choir of complaints, with Bernadette La Hengst) will find their place & time & salary now at St. Pölten. See you there, too, then!

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"The present we know is only a movie of the past." (Ken Kesey)

Should the mere thought of even starting to think about this already cause you a headache and should you be rather from the sentimental our guest: the ImPulsTanz09 photo initative "Fresh Pix" (pheat. phive photography students) produced a splendiferous plenitude of pics of all kinds of movement (estimable, e.g., the bicycle, 1.5m above ground, in front of Kasino). Lifts the mood when temperatures drop, I'd say.

Robert Rauschenberg: "What did I just say?"
Trisha Brown: "I wasn’t listening Bob."
Robert Rauschenberg: "What did I say just now?"
Trisha Brown: "I don’t know."
Robert Rauschenberg: "Give me a word, any word, and I’ll run with it!"



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