July, 2009

On the Somatic Salon, pubic hairdos, long coats and various gods

Like The Loss Of Sunlight / On A Cloudy Afternoon / Gone Too Soon
Like A Castle / Built Upon A Sandy Beach / Gone Too Soon
Like A Perfect Flower / That Is Just Beyond Your Reach /Gone Too Soon

Born To Amuse, To Inspire, To Delight / Here One Day / Gone One Night

Like A Sunset / Dying With The Rising Of The Moon / Gone Too Soon

So floral - it could be an hommage to The Grand Pina. Instead it's MJ, "Dangerous", 1991.

A gigantic Châpeau, The Real Big Sombrero to both of them for having drawn so many people to dance all those years.

Some silence before going back to business

With antsy excitement we may report that also ImPulsTanz workshops has already drawn a bunch of motion folks to its now, more than 1500 pretty amazing humans are awaiting you in the studios. This caused a couple of add-on workshops (by the likes of Martin Kilvady, David Zambrano, Samantha Van Wissen, Laura Aris a.o.) but equally importantly will make for a wordy, sensual, inspiring body of people to laugh with, exchange with, have a drink with and maybe have a vivid conversation in one of the public talks at Arsenal this summer, led by Sri Louise resp. the danceWEB09 coaches Philipp Gehmacher & Christine de Smedt.

More on phyiscal and oral communication at ImPulsTanz09, on remaining and addition workshop slots...voilà:

And while an only recently warmly celebrated dance curator a little less recently stated, "performance is a dead end", we may jollily counter this with "add-on performance is a ginger cookie"! Thus, public demand already led to more art by Ann Liv Young, Xavier Le Roy, Chris Haring, Rosasa.o.
The door to ImPulsTanz09, however, is being opened by dancer/choreographer David Zambrano, who invited musician/composer Max Nagl to accompany him on his dancy stroll through Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien on the occasion of the finissage of their exhibit "Raum im Bild" on July 12. The relevance of your pubic hairdo and the co-responsibility of the performer for the audience's sleep extent is being negotiated in 8:tension's "Manteau long en laine marine porté sur un pull à encolure détendue avec un pantalon peau de pêche et des chaussures pointues en nubuk rouge" by Delgado Fuchs. Davis Freeman, instead, aims to raise the awareness about the investor's fate among the cultural lads and lassies via sound coherence analysis of politics, arts and consumerism.

More on pre-scheduled and added-on dance & performance pieces, political and prognostic performance and its relevant content anytime at:

Thank thou, Dance, for grinning straight in the crisis' hideous face. And thank you, Tanzatelier Wien, Colette Sadler, Arsenale della Danza Venice,Institute for Dance Arts Linz and Christine Gaigg/2nd nature, for your curiosity in dance artists who would be interested in sharing your passion. More details about the auditions of ImPulsTanz at:

Those of you who are into dance only because of the films of Superamas, may indulge into the opportunity to actually participate in one: the savvy boy group is looking for extras for the film shooting within their residency at Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz. Humans "between 20 and 60 years of age" - that's a rather generous frame, no?

Dance. Performance. Film. Discourse. Music. Installation...the entire fertilization hunger of our dear art form is currently being celebrated by two initiatives among others:

PRISMA (Mexico City):
Overwhelmed by the passion of 2 Mexican performing arts lovers, some 500 artists from all over the planet are currently workshopping, creating, improvising, discussing, performing, burning in the elevated megacity, wrinching their gorgeous heads over subjects like "Transculturization, Migration, circulation and mobility" and "One body, multiple approaches". Trisha Bauman, Jérôme Bel, Bojana Cvejic, DD Dorvillier, Miguel Gutierrez, Xavier Le Roy, Jennifer Monson, Frans Poelstra, Jan Ritsema, a precious horde of danceWEBbers and many more are among those contributing to and benefiting from Prisma. Just swell. Bodaciously swell.

Here as well: the entire world in one place. Astrid Endruweit on video, an Indian Dinner Talk with serious chit-chat over Indian musik is accompanied by Indian food and followed by concert & party, Mette Ingvartsen and Jefta Van Dinther are at it hypnotically in the air and Michael Laub is sharing self portraits of his dancers.

A rather large ad campaign launched lately by the British Humanist, decorating busses and subway trains all over England, Scotland and Wales, finally relieved us of yet another troubling uncertainty:

"There is probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life."

Well then, world peace.



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