May, 2009

On socialism, TV, burning bushes and pureeing

"TV gives so much and asks so little."

Well? That's love, ain't it? True, why should Homer Simpson bite the hand that feeds him, but this is plain long standing heartfelt appreciation. And note this subliminal generosity!

Long standing, that's also the megalomania of Guido Reimitz, formerly ImPulsTanz co-director, formerly filmmaker. Luckily, the generosity was and is less sub- but sur. Hence sensible. His latest initiative, realised in collaboration with European Cultural Capital Linz09, is entangling school education and arts in such exemplary way that measures have to be taken that "I like to move it move it" does not just stay a one and only example, but a role model. And as the above mentioned chap - as above mentioned -things big, there's already a tool at hand, where not only the artists of the school project (a.o. Alito Alessi, Milli Bitterli, Galina Borissowa, Ntsikelelo Cekwana, DD Dorvillier, Christine Gaigg, Anne Juren, Kurij Konjar, Philippe Riéra, Yosi Wananu and many more), but also the likes of Sigrid Gareis, Amina Handke, Karl Regensburger or Wim Vandekeybus drop a line and give their support to address the issue of more creativity in school education. Now here's an invitation to join, if you may!

And here's another one! A most hearty one. One to a virtual walk through the workshop world of ImPulsTanz09. This one's got no reason to hide, either. Quite the opposite - after all, it is all about opening up. Towards new inspirations, cultures, people. Leaving behind. Old patterns, prejudices, boredom. Heading up. Towards the Vienna Arsenal, where all them movement friendly (and generally quite lovely) folks gather to do da hiphop, da pilates, da yoga and da tap, da contemporary, da butoh, da haitian or da brazilian dance. Or to change da life just a little bit. Sounds esoteric? But isn't. Is quite roooted, instead, actually. Floorwork, exactly. Gravitation gamble. Or, to speak with Jeannette Winterson: "Art is the burning bush that both shelters and makes visible our profounder longings."

Information & registration as of now ... here:

Care for yet another artistic opportunity? Until May 11, 2009 (that's 3 more sleeps!), the EU network Jardin d'Europe invites emerging artists resident in Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Great Britain, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Sweden and Turkey to apply for residencies and scholarships offered by the 10 "Euro-gardeners" (a.o. Ultima Vez, CCN Montpellier, Station, Lokomotiva und Cullberg Ballet). Some of the propositions are available exclusively within the frame of Jardin d'Europe.

Information & registration for 3 more days at:

Hm. What's left to share with such precious company as you? Oh, yes:

"Pureeing is socialism!" (Klaus Nüchtern)

"I could say things like 'I'd die for you'
But I rather say: "I stay alive for you'"
(Clara Luzia,



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