December, 2008

On distribution of similarities, intereference-plus-cumulative-effects and dancing your debts away

"Dance is always ding, dang, dong. There is not only ding!"

Now, that's a fact, freely borrowed from Giovanni Trappatoni, Italy's renowned soccer semanticist.

As expected, a little more pensive, yes even insecure, yet equally talkative: the Austrians. In their Choreographic Platform (Graz, January 30-February 2, 2009), an entire lecture series is dedicated to the question "Why is that dance? (Crash Course in Contemporaneity)". Also, Oleg Soulimenko's preoccupation with "The Distribution of Similarities. Sandwiches, a Harmonica, a Guitar, Billa, Metro, U-Bahn and other Things." seems notable. Furtheron you may count on contributions from the likes of Superamas, Chris Haring, Doris Uhlich, Christine Gaigg, Philipp Gehmacher, Milli Bitterli, Anne Juren, corpus and many more. And if you haven't been to Graz since Vito Acconci opened his's about time to give it another shot!

Still in this part of the winter, Tanzquartier Wien is proposing an "island" (yeah, yeah, the oll' desire of the landlocked!) dealing with "doubts, fears and curiosity, visions and ambitions", "Where do I come from and where do I go?" "What are energy suckers?" Mighty positions will be taken by Madalina Dan, Eleanor Bauer, and Eduard Gabia among others at "ALLREADY - beginning and present potential".

Further dang and dong can also be experienced and designed in the French boonies: paf hosts WUM and asks "What is in the name?" Contemporaries are invited to exchange competences & questions on modes and models of arts productions - "an intensification, a furthering, a confrontation and an intereference-plus-cumulative-effect of all projects, activities, concepts and initiatives, which are either in progress, or about to take off in future, or subsist in potentiality", as they say. Definitely a quality way to spend the holidays, I say.

Certainly rather ding: New York and how it deals with the unfortunate accumulation of holidays and economic crises:

"Do you miss shopping?" Miss Sixty is concerned.
Fish's Eddy is boasting an "Economy Sucks Sale".
Only Reverend Billy (Church of Stop Shopping) is a little less defensive and proposes the "Buy Nothing Day 2008: Dance Your Debt Away"

Ever creative NYC. Luckily, Europe is always a little late in adopting US dynamics, plus, nobody in the dance world had money to lose in the first place, so here I am, praising ImPulsTanz vouchers, anyway (but if you listen closely you may hear the insane chuckle in my voice): But the ImPulsTanz Shop DOES offer some humour in this financially dreary period: the first product is a DVD called "Apokalypse", the second one right away a safety considerate! Indulge you in consumerism! If you dare.

Should you happen to still have some cash left, you may want to consider a trip to the edge of space (13.950,-), a jet pilot training (3.560,-) or - cheap scale - helicopter skiing (1298,-). This Spanish website, however, does also offer chocolate massages. And dinners in the dark. And cleans up the mess afterwards...

In the end it is all "about living the life you say you are living" (Penny Arcade)



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