November, 2008

On hazy light, bad dreams, fear of demise and yet glory days: autumn dance news

"Sometimes I dream that I wake up and the last ten years finally make sense." (Bernhard Nemec, webmaster)

Well, noone will be able to tell whether the subsequent action will reach that far, but the Austrian Republic will at least give it a try to credit ImPulsTanz director Karl Regensburger for his past 25 years by decorating him with the title "Professor" on November 18. Given the honouring rage of the past years (Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres, Merit Award of the City of Vienna in Gold, Officier, Johann-Strauß-Medal of the City of Vienna in Gold), he is now fearing his approaching demise. Uplifting words are very welcome at

Said news forum also knows of further distinctions: This usually fearless bunch of people called "emerging choreographers" competed for some Euros and more self esteem to be gained at the internet dance festival SideBySide. More than 20.000 visitors looked at the submitted videos and made Anat Katz their personal heroine. And the young Israeli artist a tick richer. Learn more about one future of dance presentation at above mentioned link.

"Powerful physical scenes and amazing images" and here and there also "a dark, disturbing, bleakly comic, ultimately chilling bad dream of a vaudeville" are out there this weekend in Brussels, where new-born Working Title Festival goes in its second round. Ugo Dehaes (the amazing physicist), Davis Freeman (the dark comedian) and other gifted dance contemporaries (Anne Juren, Diego Gil, Eleanor Bauer, Heike Langsdorf, etc) followed the embracing call of Koen Kwanten and share their experiments and jewels (and experimental jewels) with those who still dig curiosity.

Also just another 21 nights away: Peter Stamer's Tanznacht Berlin. This man has spent some years in Vienna by the Danube and therefore knows how to stretch. Time, I mean. Consequently, said night now consists of 4 nights. They got something to tell by the Spree, after all. Dramaturgically concise, his Tanznacht Festival takes place at the brand new Uferhallen ("shore halls"), there featuring premieres, productions, repertory pieces, video installations, site specific interventions, spoken word performances, research formats, trainings and body workshops, day and night. Can't stop the Stamer.

If you are more the deceleration kinda folk, totally into the hazy autumn light and happily sharing your melancholy with kindred spirits - well, here you go: at Blue Bird Festival in Vienna's former brothel now jazzclub Porgy & Bess, lots of burdened sensibles will gather to celebrate the music of e.g. Soko (oui, la française who promised, "I'll kill her"), Austria's polit pop artist Gustav, Okkerkil River and Baby Dee (both USA, the latter chanting "The Dance of Diminishing Possibilities"). So, stay fearless like an emerging choreographer. Or like electronic musician B. Fleischmann ("Angst is not a Weltanschauung"). Or even console yourself with latest Bond director Marc Forster's worries: "With 200 million dollars, individual space becomes rather limited." Tragic.

So let's enjoy and treasure our comparably low-budget but vast individual space. Freedom, finally, is not only another word for nothing left to loose. And consider exploded Islamic violins for Catholic holidays. Or 100% godless bags called "Rectangle". Anyway, both are on offer at

"You are how you are: beautiful are your names. Hallelujah. Amen." (Paul Gerhardt)



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