July, 2008

On the new perverse, air compression, and the tragedy in dance

No day without an explosion, women are being turned into weapons and clothing is missing on all ends.

Sounds like CNN. Instead it is ImPulsTanz. Which is where Doris Uhlich resp. Matija Ferlin are opening the desired young choreographers' series 8:tension+ also in the theatre (while Ibrahim Quraishi keeps on blowing up violins for extended awareness, among other goals).

As fate has it, these two are sold out. BUT: others aren't. E.g. Hans Van Den Broeck's "Settlement", where - while we talk - 10 days, 20 artists and 2000kg of sand are turned into a full-evening dance theatre piece, to be presented this weekend. The process is elaborately blogged about by Frances "I whore for art" D'Ath. More on a "lapdancing Martha Graham" or "the perpetual unknowingness of what time it is" at supernaut.
Plus, ImPulsTanz's add-on performances haven't been invented just for fun, either. Jan Fabre on July 25, for instance. Or said sold out Doris Uhlich doing the pointe again on July 30, which is when also Tony Rizzi added on his sinking snowman. Never mind Ko Murobushi on August 1. You see.

Busy blogging, too: the young dance writer posse of "Critical Endeavour". For the weeks to come, they are going to avidly comment on ImPulsTanz performances and finally award The Canny Cucumber, also known as the Prix Jardin d'Europe 2008. New articles will be posted here on a daily basis:

"Sweat", this year's Choreographers' Venture project, is obviously into heavy blogging, too. International Festival and its team is currently shooting a feature dance movie, luring "Fame" into a contemporary dance setting. Be sure to be provided with all clichés imaginable and be there, when they are throwing the completed film on the Kasino wall at midnight of August 8 - a midnight of no indifferences not, for sure. JLG not just being some slob, "Sweat" will feature "a gun", and "a girl", too, but then also Lacan, carwash, and DD Dorvillier as the Russian ballet mistress (with a subtle, yet certain puertorican flavouring).

So far to the glamorous future.

The very here & now of ImPulsTanz workshops and its protagonists is currently under heavy and savvy investigation of the agents of Corpus. The various postings within "Minds in Motion" are already featuring truisms such as "everybody knows that conventional is the new perverse“ (© Mårten Spångberg) as well as art life advise - "Air compression and breath control. No failure. The love is in the work; the work is in the love." (© DD Dorvillier, this time all her beautiful self) and "Motion Motley Motor" pics by David Bergé & Jack Hauser.

Foremost, however, you can find plenty of background information on the ongoing workshops and the artists who head them. So here's a hearty invitation for a thorough read and then perhaps a visit to the Arsenal. Or the lounge. One of these haptic exchange hotspots.

To nurture this interest, ImPulsTanz Research also added on: Penny "In order to fuck with your identity, you need to have one" Arcade, New York Performance Art icon with Andy Warhol (among others) in her bio, is currently still busy finetuning her appearance in Tony Rizzi's "Snowman Sinking", but from August 4-8 she is going to give no less than all in her Coaching Project "Individuality, Identity, and Authenticity". And all is quite a lot with Penny. See here for a starter:

And while the current Vienna rain is kind of counterproductive if it comes down BBQs, espadrilles and paper planes, it is downright ideal for dance talks. And guess what: Haphazardly, there is one. Many. Crazy, no? Today, for instance, dance writers Franz Anton Cramer and Tiago Bartolomeu are introducing above mentioned "Critical Endeavour" at Kunsthalle Wien's project space. This will set loose an array of further talks (feat. Pieter T'Jonck, Alice Chauchat and further humans with musical names).

danceWEB, host of above mentioned talks, also enjoys hosting 66 young dance artists from 40 countries at the moment, who are - parallelly to it all - producing The Association of Neos Antropos, The Festival of Short Pleasure, The Shade Service, The Initiative of Giving Bodies, The Computer Babysitting Service a.o., but how to memorize all that? Just jump at it! Now!

Or as Karl Valentin put it: “You should not take things as tragic as they are."



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