May, 2008

On Sweden, piracy and Cate Blanchett, inevitably (MayJuice08)

Today: Sweden.

No, not the country with the again rather sexy looking soccer team. Neither that one with the amazingly strong appreciation for contemporary dance further education in foreign countries (again co-financing 4 danceWEBbers this year!). Instead: Sweding. The trashy re-shooting of blockbusters so schmaltzy but also charmingly promoted in Michel Gondry's "Be Kind - Rewind“. "Ghostbusters", "Robocop" or "Driving Miss Daisy" are being "sweded" there. Made me totally recall Matsune & Subal's "Store", where they "sweded" Baryshinkov solos and sold them dirt cheap. Or Superamas' "sweding" of the marvellous "Zoolander" Jeep scene in their "Big2". But wait: do you know anything of the above? Hm. Well, try this at least (where Monsieur Gondry is solving Rubik's Cube with his nose, brain and feet and still gets spectacularily beaten by Jack Black):

OMG, so much to try! To do! To to to!

Wouldn't you also want to join a Flemish psychologist (and less than 20 strangers more) to create a piece out of nothing within 2 weeks? Or to shoot, edit and present a dance movie together with a Swedish (see! There it was again!) architect and a Swedish neo-esoteric, all in 4 weeks? To finally be a pirat along with the Viennese city guide from Brooklyn? All possible! Just apply:

But ImPulsTanz is persueing realistic goals, too: to start your dance career at age 55 or also 5. To finally connect voice & movement beyond the shower. Bollywood, Pantsula, Gumboots. Axis Syllabus, Myoreflex, Gyrokinesis. Meat and Bone, Gravity Happens, Instant Instinct. Nope, hadn't heard of it before, either, but a closer read here does help a bit (while only doing it really saves the day):

Apropos Matsune & Subal: their new CD is out, finally! All applauses of ImPulsTanz07. If you clapped along, you now get back what you gave, for generous EUR 7,-. Art can be so friendly.

But rarely is, luckily.

Just in case you are craving the old (print) aesthetics of ImPulsTanz, now that you were facing the new one...we won't hold you whiny sentimentalists back from checking out all posters of 25 years of Vienna International Dance Festival (and all its names and typos):

Generally, The Big Back Then. It is all there. Really. In the totally expanded Archive. Ballyhoo. All them artists who ever made and make ImPulsTanz to what it is. All there, them, yeah. A dreadful job that was, I tell you, but now: voilà:

(An ignorant who does not think of Cate Blanchett alias Bob Dylan here: "But you never know how the past will turn out, Coco!")

Ha, welcome back to your presence. May it hum with joy. If it still leaves you some time to even think of your future (and if you happen to be a dancer), this may be of interest, too:

Yes, yes, all that news in this newsletter. Sorry. But maybe Woody Allen can sooth you, once again:

"I am greatly relieved that the universe is finally explainable. I was beginning to think it was me..."




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