March, 2008

On tampon relationships, compressed air cattle-guns and other dancy stuff (March Juice 08)

Spring. Premature. Perhaps that explains it all. The Swedish choreographer, anyhow, stated, that while in the 90s we wanted nothing more than to be in the same city with our partner, now in the 00s skyping with the partner is already scarily close. And the Israeli choreographer is aiming at a tampon relationship: you use it but you don't feel it. Finally, the rather enchanting Javier Bardem receives an unheard of wig and a golden mini statue for his achievements in establishing (and consequently ending) relations with the outside world through a a compressed air cattle-gun. Well...

There are still a few other ways of togetherness, aren't there.

For being with oneself, I may warmly recommend Eszter Salamons "And then".

For one's enhanced consciousness consider Eugen Egner's "The Diary Of The Drinker“ ("Reflected upon the words of a friend: 'The sun ought to shine in the night time, during the day it's bright, anyway'. Cried again. Rum.“) (Although, Arnold Schwarzenegger's "That's not a drug, that's a leaf" on marihuana equally enthuses).

And for the sensitive, Nina Nastasia's "Why Don't You Stay Home" (or equally so, Joan Baez's "Please Come To Boston").

So. Still here? Cool. Now, what empatho-capitalistic quote am I going to use today to lure you into the ImPulsTanz WebShop...after all, various new thing containers and also DVDs are looking for new owners there...oh yes, Imelda Marcos, just grand: "Win or lose, we go shopping after the election."

But where do they dance these days? Right, Paris, always. Tonight for instance: "Il faut bruler pour briller" (feat. Liz Santoro, Laure Bonicel, Geisha Fontaine and other names, we'd like to wear ourselves). A lesson for life.
Also ongoingly busy with improving people's savvy: the News section of News. Scholarships, residencies, auditions, say no more.
Let alone the gallery section just theret, where they dance to Ligeti, in perfect unison, in its Feature Video "tempo76".
And at Complicitats in Barcelona (feat. Ayse Orhon, Adva Zakai, Marcela Levi and other unusual suspects as well as a youtubic festival blog) they are busy with artists complicities.
That's also what imagetanz at brut in Vienna is engaging in: coupling up contemporary dance with visual arts (feat. The Kissinsky Family, Anna Jermolaewa, Krõõt Juurak and other joys).

"What's so funny about love and peace?" (Wir sind Helden)



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