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ProSeries: 2007

Meg Stuart

ProSeries: Everyday Heroes

In every course at one moment I ask students to talk about their heroes, their inspiration, about sources they are passionate about, about ideas that have obsessed them and events that changed their dancing life. In this workshop we will focus on these external sources and we will exchange, analyse and discuss them down to the most exacting detail. Why does a certain image, text or fragment move us and how? How to go beyond admiration and imitation? How to improvise and create work from external sources? How to combine a series of sources? I will bring in texts, film fragments, images and actions that currently fascinate me and will offer techniques and possibilities to improvise on these sources in various settings and formats.
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Meg Stuart
After her dance studies at New York University, training in release technique and contact improvisation Meg Stuart was a member of Randy Warshaw Dance Company from 1986 to 1992. Her first full-length work „Disfigure Study“ at the invitation of Klapstuk 91 was very successful and started an impressive series of productions. Her company Damaged Goods toured the following pieces „No Longer Readymade“ and „No One is Watching“ extensively as well. A series of collaborations with the visual artists Lawrence Malstaf, Gary Hill, and Ann Hamilton followed . „Alibi“ in 2001 and „Visitors Only“ in 2003 were created in co-operation with scenographer Anna Viebrock, video artist Chris Kondek and composer Paul Lemp. In 2004 Meg Stuart created „Forgeries, Love and other Matters“ with choreographer/dancer Benoît Lachambre and composer Hahn Rowe. The last piece of Damaged Goods „It's not funny!“ premiered August 2006 at Salzburger Festspiele. Meg Stuart also created choreographies for actors in co-operation with German directors Stefan Pucher and Frank Castorf.

A recurrent feature in her work is the search for new forms of co-operation, presentation contexts and the „crossbreeding“ of theatre, architecture and visual art. „Crash Landing“, an improvisation project for dancers, musicians, video and sound artists, and designers, together with Christene de Smedt and David Hernandez ran in 5 editions in Leuven, Vienna, Paris, Lisbon and Moscow from 1996 to 1999. Developed with a view to specifically chosen places, „Highway 101“ in co-operation with Stefan Pucher and Jorge Leon gradually evolved into a continous self-commemorative and redefining project. It was presented in Brussels, Vienna, Paris, Rotterdam and Zurich. In 2005 Meg Stuart initiated „Auf den Tisch!“, a new improvisation project inviting artists, dancers and musicians for performances.

Damaged Goods took up residence at Kaaitheater Brussels and Schauspielhaus Zurich and has collaborated closely with Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz in Berlin since 2002.

MEG STUART / DAMAGED GOODS will also perform at ImPulsTanz 2007 with “It's not funny” on July 22 at the Volkstheater, "Blessed" on July 28 and 30 at the Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz and "solos & duets" on August 1, 2 and 3 at the Semper Depot.

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