December, 2007

Painting, Sunkist, and other dance-related stuff (December Juice 07)

Have you ever contemplated, how little
Have you ever contemplated, how little
Have you ever contemplated, how little
Body, body, body
it takes, to be two?
(Bernadette La Hengst)

So? Have you? Oh. Kay. You don't have to. Not everyone's a choreographer. Surgeon. Philosopher.

Contemplation's way alright, though. Sometimes, anyway. Forced contemplation, instead, sucks. Which is why I simply can't hold back the following decision facilitator for the festival sentimental and the dance-knick-knack-o-phile (yep, also pyramids, remotely related to the 70s-Sunkists; for those who were there then).

“Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping.” (Bo Derek)

A certain inclination to forms cannot be denied with architectural birthday (40!) collective Coop Himmelb(l)au (who get most enchanted "when the qualities of space are linked, creating a rhythm of dynamism and concentration"), or fairtrading fashionistas Die Göttin des Glücks (who "only comes when she is in the mood", which of course provides her with an abundant yet deserved freedom compared to Santa Claus and all the other current public Christmas servants), but - apparently there are also dance newsletter subscribers actually interested in dance - especially not with Tanzplattform Deutschland 2008. And they'll still deliver this winter: works by deufert & plischke, Gies, Hoghe, Le Roy, Linke, Stuart & Gehmacher and others. In Hanover, Lower Saxony, indeed. And here:

Sunnysideuppy also Ivana Müller, these days: her "While We Were Holding It Together" was already irresistible at 8:tension 2007. And now, off-theater festival Impulse in Düsseldorf, Germany thought so, too, and simply awarded her with their price 2007. Ivana Müller, meanwhile, is no bore and shares her art within the artist collective LISA in Utrecht. These 2 have the details:

But! Always remember! "Only in painting you have no problems." (International Festival). Just to make sure that nobody complains afterwards about not having been informed.

Finally, some comfort: "Love goes on anyway" (Grant McLennan, The Go-Betweens)




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