November, 2007

Life savers, capitalism and distance rabbits in dance (November Juice 2007)

"Like having your brain licked by distant rabbits"

While Philipp Gehmacher sure is a main suspect according to German songwriter legend and fresh-caught contemporary dance cop ("You haven't moved enough"), above mentioned review intro on PG's "Incubator" by Chrysa Parkinson in the latest Movement Research Performance Journal just makes me kneel down in awe.

But indeed, the man mispronouncing German so melodically chants big words in an innocent manner when instead motion dance vs. thought dance has been THE predominant issue amongst artists as well as audiences, at ImPulsTanz07 as well as at idans, at Tanzplan as well as at P.A.R.T.S., even at documenta XII and certainly at performa07. Which led the man so earthily enthralled by funeral marches recently gone dancemaker full-heartedly postulates "choreography must save lives!".

But neither is this the charts nor is it a man's world.

It's capitalistic, true, um... (this world is a damn tricky one, isn't she?):

Carrie: "Honey, if it hurts so much, why are we going shopping?"
Samantha: "I have a broken toe, not a broken spirit."

Still no shoes at the ImPulsTanz Shop, but certainly bags that might also wrap some 6 1/2 size feet fairly fashionably. And a whole bunch of new cover flaps which correspong so darlingly with autumn. And isn't that what we all wished.

We are talking the full-colour fall here, of course, not the grey fall. Anyhow, the latter is doomed to stay in its sad'n'sobbing corner for now, looking at both the DV8 DVD also available at the ImPulsTanz Shop as well as the things going on in well-tempered rooms around the world:

_In Vienna, brut was born these days: a new coproduction house feat. dance, theatre, installations, concerts...wholalotta good for the performing being and her/his aficionados

_In Paris, Festival d'Automne is already raging all over town (Sept 12 - Dec 22)

_In Rabat, Alexandria, Cairo, Amman, Tunis, Minia, Damascus, Beirut, Ramallah and lateron also Brussels and Berlin, MP5 displays "the variety of the contemporary art scene and its complexity as a mirror of a hardly graspable reality both in the Arabic world as well as on an international level", they say (Nov 22 - Dec 1)

These big shots yet also all the fine joys inbetween (e.g. the workshop by Ivo Dimchev in Montréal or the music'n'dance impro thing hosted by David Zambrano in Barcelona) are on air at the ImPulsTanz EventCalendar:

"someone leaves petals on my doorstep and I cry" ... "The United Nations of dance: beautiful, gorgeous and talented people, all together in the same room, amazing meetings and talks about dance, art, the world, us, our lives, why dance, why not" ... "where is it situated our work: is it hard work or happening? Is it romantically bohemian or social network? Where do we put it in between art and industry?"

...whether you are more the romantic, the benettonic, or the hedonism-lost type, there is space for all of that within a danceWEB summer! More impressions on the 2007 edition of this inter-lotofdthings scholarshop programme inviting professional dance artists to Vienna at

"Serious people have few ideas. People with ideas are never serious." (Paul Valéry)



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