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July, 2007

9 more sleeps! (JulyJuice07)

"Don't take your time, Aries. Move double fast and strategize from many angles, always thinking ten steps ahead. Please don't keep your hands clean, either. Play with the muck and roll in the mud and learn from the dirt. And don't you dare be measured and balanced. Instead, be an intense and relentless initiator of decisive actions. One last thing: Don't play nice and sweet. Be a holy troublemaker, a noisemaker who breaks the silence and keeps it broken."

so, that was your horoscope for June, Aries. This old news neither brings Ladi Di back to life, nor does it relax the Middle East or get you a reliable reservation at elBulli, but if only some private stuff explains itself now, it was already worth it, no?

Luckily, the web has some more soothing corners, too ... you may, for instance, fool around a bit to the music trailer promoting the new production of Compagnie 7273

...but make sure to be back in time for the opening of ImPulsTanz07 with Jonathan Burrows & Matteo Fargion (a chemistry like the Rat Pack, a timing as precise and charming like Oceans‘ Thirteen) on July 12! Thereafter, it'll go lickety-split, anyway, and some touchingly awesome performance moments and equally such encounters with equally such strangers, champagne, night swimming and all that emo buzz, later, it's mid-August and you are damn glad to see a concert or a movie and the sunrise with eyes closed.

If you are more the visual type, you may want to indulge in some moving images right away:

or, of course,

Juice, your medium for the enhancement of introspective self-confidence (© Wilhelm Genazino), surely and recklessly encourages motion. Ok, electro-boat is in. Or to move on in a relationship. Finally, dancing. "Set and Reset" in the trishabrownrepertoryworkshop of Shelley Senter, "Breaking and Bboying" in the hiphopworkshop. "Meat and Bone" in the contemporarytechniqueworkshop of Gavin Webber. They call it workshop, but it is actually fun.

And fun-wise, J.D. Salinger said it all: "... but the most singular difference between happiness and joy is that happiness is a solid and joy a liquid."

Nothing against gloating, but just in the case that you are sort of inclusive about joy, you sure fancy a thought or two, too, about how to combine joy with dough. If so, Alito Alessi's teacher training programme for the dance pedagogy and barrier-free inclined is sure worth such a thought. Of future joy and dough. Find out more at

"You are the one!
You are the one who has a nervous system!" (Ewa Bankowska)



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