March, 2007

Juiceletter March 9, 2007

If it is true, like with me, that you are entirely George-Harrisson-"it's-all-in-your-mind", anyway, one could definitely save onself from bearing through dreadful 2 hour performances, especially one oneself recommended. But, read a delicious book, instead. Do a sheet dance. Just something worthwhile!

Whatever. We are 30 days past that now. 1 week past International Women's Day. 5 months past the premiere of "Shortbus“. 100 days past the opening of CDC Ouagadougou. 12 years prior to the 10th company anniversary of Ballistic Alignments Begum Erciyas (BABE) and 48 hours prior to the 13th announcement of Tony Blair's possible demission, by himself.'s_Day

"Still: now is now!" Says Milli Bitterli. And now is spring. Something, which fuels loins worldwide and makes germanspeakers feel love-drunken "butterflies in the stomach". Lilo Wanders, again, commented that dynamic with "if you really want to have butterflies in your stomach, you need to put erupas up your ass." But then, Lilo simply has a faible here...we'll come back to that later.

A befamed dance commentor, meanwhile, shared her thoughts on dance writing in New York in an utterly calm and therefore maybe even more shaking article for Movement Research Performance Journal, which we were granted to re-issue as a Feature on A plea. And one more reason to treasure these small but fine projects like or, for instance by actually visiting them.

"Kasperltheater, Opera...both - from its effect - turn me on." Not unimpressed by spring either: Herr Tomaszewski. Just like with the neat festival "100 Dessus Dessous à Paris" (April 13-21), the extremely estonian dance platform in Tallinn (March 15-18) and the Swiss emerging choreographer jamboree "Gipfelstürmer" in Zurich (March 10-24), his current performance dates can are all bundled & made available at the EventCalendar:

The Roaring News Department is not only full of bids and tenders (e.g. for residencies at ImPulsTanz07 for Austria-based emerging choreographers), but also eagerly follows the current talks series "Parallel Voices" hosted by Jonathan Burrows (danceWEB07 mentor) at the stunning Siobhan Davies Studios in London, thus leading to streams feat. Jérôme Bel, Kate McIntosh, Lloyd Newson, Bojana Cvejic and other crafty folks.

Are you still here? Here comes Kant: "You should want what you should." Well, there's bags. And T-Shirts. Frisbees. And soon workshops & research projects. Text'n'images anytime and constanty upgraded at

One last time spring? Alright:

"Open the hearts and heart the openings" (Lilo Wanders)
"Everything comes from behind." (Magda Chowaniec)

No fear never!



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