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Martin Gruber
© Martin Gruber

Martin Gruber

Grammar of Feet
Suzuki methode

Suzuki training, also called "feet grammar," was developed by the Japanese director Tadashi Suzuki as a dynamic group exercise for his actors and dancers. The training is designed as a type of performance. On an international level, the Suzuki Method is being integrated more and more into the training of performing artists.

The development of the training and the training approach, which transcends different styles and areas, are contemporary. This training's special power of expression and extremely energetic impact are based on the integration of ancient rituals. A sensual, vital power and attentive concentration (Ki'-ai) are created. The presence and responsiveness of the group and each individual increase noticeably after only a short span of time. Strict forms and spontaneous actions are impulsively combined into an effective, theatrical expression. A person's own abilities for developing outside the usual patterns open up new spaces and possibilities for that person.
A distinguishing characteristic of the series of movements is that they cannot be translated in any shape or form into the usual vocabulary of gestures in theater. They cannot be performed by using well-known patterns of movements. The form is a medium for individuals to discover clarity, simplicity, and the effective power of omission. The differences between personal design and actual actions are reduced during the learning process.
Martin Gruber has expanded and modified the Suzuki Method by using his many years of experience in modern approaches to working with the body. A more efficient use of the voice and body is emphasized, which allows for extensive application and intensive acting, without the danger of wear and tear or injury. In addition to a specially developed warm-up, group training is supplemented by individual, functional and structural work directly on the body (Talmi Method).
Please bring comfortable gym clothes and a blanket with you.
Please bring: Comfortable training wear and a blanket.

ArtistBio: Martin Gruber
Workshopoverview 2006


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