December, 2006

Juiceletter 14.12.2006

"You have to put love out of the centre of attention in order not to miss it."

So lectures Slavoj Zizek, not only in reference to the coming Holidays Of Love. In reference to Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, not only the Rolex Mentor & Protégé Arts Initiative lectures, that hers was and is also one for music ("Music has always been my first partner"). And she is the kind of girl who shares. That's dear. Very dear at Theater an der Wien. December 16-20. "Mozart/Concert Arias, un moto di gioia". Not only the Kronenzeitung and New York Times called it a masterpiece. Kronenzeitung exclusively, however, sees in it the profound peak of an "Ecole Sentimentale". Dearest.

"I love my job, but sometimes I wonder, whether love is actually the most important thing in life."

Already a tick less assured in the heart biz: German director Rene Pollesch in "Heidi Hoh". He, however, reliably delivers gutsy theatre. At Wiener Akademietheater, for instance. As far as I am concerned, more guts would be needed all over the planet these days (see Klaus Theweleit: "Paranoia has a great future!"), but this does not concern a dance newsletter. I'd love you to give the following a shot, though:

+ "Intimate Strangers", "Good Hands", "The Missing Dance No. 7" and other dance made in Berlin
+ Blood, poetry and music; Hair from the throat and and comparably physical issues at 100 Dessus Dessous
+ Audition artscenico "ask the dead" (imitation/interpretation of movements of dead artists)

or - for the Capricorns among us - everything compact and immaculately wrapped at EventCalendar:

Should you suffer from inchoate December sadness, find yourself caught in 1 or 2 nasty meaning crisis or similar symptoms of lack of holidays, maybe a glance at the headlines can cheer you up a bit: these are full of awards, queens and new courses of dance studies!

If you are more the consolation-by-shared-pain type, rest on Thomas Glavinic' shoulder then: "Note: the system of sexual bonding among humans is half-baked and shows severe flaws."

This won't undergo dramatic changes in 2007 either, I am afraid. So for the way there, here's a few uplifting numbers:

Ouagadougou: 37
Kulala Lumpur: 27
Alice Springs: 39
Rio de Janeiro: 25
Daniel Craig: 38

...and toujours l'amour!



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