November, 2006

Juiceletter 27.11.2006

Peter says: "Mozart has written the soundtrack for anything in our life. Mozart was underground."
Vera does "Until the moment when God is destroyed by the extreme exercise of beauty".
Steffi inquires: "In heaven, you don't get greasy hair, do you?"

So while Mr. Sellars lets W.A.M. be a rather geopolitical man with a particular hand for the fringes of society in his currently ongoing New Crowned Hope Festival and while also Ms. Mantero ongoingly believes in repelling religious influence, in the end only Ms. Greiner pulls off the right question at the right time.

And while the new Bond, too, naturally isn't alltoo much into question (he is more the quiet type, James, in this context), contemporary dance risks the one or the other insight glance. Alas, currently, resourceful chaps such as Jack Hauser, Judith Helmer and Helmut Ploebst) are (jollily!) hovering over "'the realization of historic performance art and choreography" (they also "console with touch", there!), and Alice Chauchat, Mette Ingvartsen, Isabelle Schad etc. stick their smart heads together to redefine work performatively.

Sit dance is precious. But even Jonathan Burrows & Matteo Fargion rise from their chairs every now and then. And that always makes sense, then. Full-on body dissipation is equally happening at
+ Israel International Exposure (December 3-6: Yasmeen Godder, Inbal Pinto Dance Company, Vertigo)
+ Monaco Dance Forum (December 7-16: Kubilaï Khan Investigations, Louise Lecavlier uvm)
+ ImPulsTanz Special (December 16-20: Rosas & Wiener Symphoniker)

Or, as usual, cumulative, concentrated, transparent: all of that, at home in the EventCalendar

It is dance prohibitionis alone that is truely unsexy. It can derive from the doctor (annoyingly enough) but also from the government. It is the latter that the current on (Non)Dance in Iraq/Iran is dedicated to. Additionally, the savvy news editors know what Susanne Linke and Viviane de Muynck will soon have done.

"My time at danceWEB was something that has thrown winds of uncertainty, sadness, joy, desire, confidence, lust, family and foreignness into my life." (Clint Lutes)

Whoever is up for being that professionally and personally shaken and stirred a short summer long, may visit danceWEBeurope online, check out the new website, consult its new Forum as well as the reports of previous scholarship recipients and finally fill in the online application form. Doesn't hurt now and may do oh so good in a while!

Oh so best


P.S.: In the face of such much overwhelmment, the Finn reliably offers a grounded world of consoling:


To persevere in hope of summer.
To adapt to its broken promise.
To love winter.

To sleep.

To love winter.
To adapt to its broken promise.
To persevere in hope of summer.


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