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September, 2006

Juiceletter 14.09.2006

This late summer is a lame duck. Too shy for a pantynapping climate, too stupid for keeping the dusk away in the evenings. At least it is good in transitioning. Into autumn, which then finally justifies song lyrics such as "I should visit you in the graveyard, but I'm still lonely", "Tout passe même le passé, même nous je sais" or of course "I'd salute another trauma I've out run before another begun". At least.

Transitions in general., for instance, has been postfestivalized. Including the appropriate sentimentality, though: check out new old workshop pictures in the gallery section. And apart from that? Hm, an ok bit:

+ La marvellous Ribot opens the 5th anniversary whoopee of Tanzquartier Wien (
+ Merce and some 150 musicians (and, yes, also a couple of dancers) share their "Ocean" with them Londonders in the reopening-jolly Roundhouse (
+ Victoria entangles striptease and art and creations of Mr. resp. Ms. Platel, Mantero, Triozzi, Vandekeybus a.o. in one strong "Nightshade" (

These along with a couple hundred dance dates (workshops, auditions, symposia etc.) more are well known to the Event Calendar of

Us urbanists are said to be so subtle. Hell, no. We also call. These calls are heard by the News section, and, too kind, also shared:

+ The Dance Center (Vancouver) craves for Artists-in-Residence in its 2007.
+ im_flieger (Vienna) is all eager for a merge of dance, performance and film in its "Crossbreed".
+ Tanzhaus Wasserwerk (Zurich) supports 12minute creations with time, space and logistics in its "12min.max".

But back to the nitty-gritty: Says Martha Graham, back then in in Texas "All great dance stems from the lonely place". Asks a student "Where is that?". Replies Martha Graham : "Between your thighs. Next question."



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