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July, 2006

Juiceletter 29.07.2006

"The present of presence is such a wet dream of contemporary dance."

While evaporation chill - one has to simply verbalize that - is a big failure these days, Katherina Zakravsky remains a consoling voice. Also, her wordy comments are one of the many reasons to make a visit at Kalevala Dancebox (Arsenal, Vienna) and its online analogy so much worthwhile. Perhaps not right on finnish, all that, but amazingly ... present. Commentators this and next week: Miguel Gutierrez, Robert Steijn. Performers: You!

Whoever still remembers the many encouragements to apply for a danceWEB06 scholarship ...well, the lucky ones are all here now, and they are 64! And they write. Online reviews on various performances at ImPulsTanz06. Which read like diary entries. Recommended, both as preparation and reflection!

Total brand new world premieres (gee, they are fresh) by Chris Haring and Lynda Gaudreau are in da house these Vienna nights, Coaching Project heads are socially (Liz King: dance artists and asylum seekers) and medially (Philippe Riéra/Superamas: Jonze, Schinwald, Madonna) entangling, but as for enchantment, I can only say: "Flatland1“ (Patricia Portela, [8:tension]). And: "Eines Tages..." (Jianan Qu, [Kinderzimmer]). After all and most of all, the hoodoo has to be repulsed, as Tocotronic so aptly put it.

("I don't know why I hate you so much, dance theatres of this town", they also sang at one point of their career, but that's how it is in newsletter life: an incessant reapproach). Or as Tanuki mutters:

"Time has a big mouth and a small brain."

Eternally yours



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