June, 2006

Juiceletter 28.06.2006

"Looooooooove!!!!" (Carla Bozulich, live)
"and tonight it's just me and the minibar" (The Dresden Dolls, "Yes, Virginia")
"Oh je suis trop bourrée pour baiser" (Nouvelle Vague doing Dead Kennedys)

While pop's got the blues these days, dance stays cool. Airconditioned. Dutch. At well-tempered 21 degrees Centigrade, ImPulsTanz will host the final performance ever of legendary dance ensemble NDT III, tonight, thus adding an orange farewell in Vienna to the orange farewell in Nurembourg (you know: that popular ball game). That is cool but also obvious: classily celebrated ends simply belong to the Kaesekrainer metropolis. The one with & by Monsieur Lemaitre and Frau Kupferberg among others features works by Kylián and van Manen, to say the least. has the details.

Well, in fact not only has details, but also bluntnesses: in one of its Features, for instance, Jan Lauwers conjures down half the visual arts canon (Franz West, Mike Kelley, Hieronymous Bosch) in his few-lines-ode to Grace Ellen Barkey's "Chunking" just to conclude with "this piece cannot be called contemporary at all and is therefore itself essential". Cool, too. Equally wordy in said Feature: Greil Marcus, Michel Houellebecq, E.E. Cummings and finally the Barkey herself.
Impressively consequent: the "Chunking" video trailer in the Gallery. Next to Rosas' "D'un soir un jour" and Salva Sanchis' "Double Trio Live Vienna", oh la la.

Totally coolless, 100% emo: ImPulsTanz workshops. The first ten of them are booked out, the first five added-on, a daily thriller, what can I say. "All cultural evidence is at the same time an evidence of barbarism"? Nope, Walter Benjamin's home is elsewhere. I tell you something utterly mundane, instead: 10 workshop slots of your choice are gambled away for free! This may not be culturally evident per se, but you still need to know what you want - there's more than 160 workshops, eventually.

Apropos eventually:

"It's a lonesome world when there's noone around that can kick your ass" (Carla Bozulich)



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