June, 2006

Juiceletter 06.06.06

Fire tongues! Ghosts! International understanding! ... with Whitsuntide, indeed, them Catholics for once manage to come forth with something timelessly relevant: aren‘t we always short on summer, tolerance and spirituality.

But as Lula - currently just president, as of July 9 possibly world champion - recently coined Vienna of all places as "a meeting point of civilisations, ideas and cultures since ages", the ImPulsTanz insomniacs do their Whitsuntide wonders in high summer, in said city by the Danube.

Which wonder can now be followed online. From "Hell", "Apocalypse" and "Fuck all that shit!" via "When Time Takes Time", "50/50" and "Running Sushi" to "Délire Défait", "Gold" and "Still Smoking", no emotional stone remains unturned. "Obviously the role of the interpret is phantastic!", stunning Gaspard Guilbert acclaimed during "BOCAL: T.P." (back then live at Arsenal, nowadays videostreamed on Back then just like today it's true: spectators can have a ball just as much. Even proactive. Or as the Spaniard says:

"Nobody can take away from me what I have danced."

Who, though, I may ask, who - outside of politics, global economy, download markets and playgrounds - still wants to take things away from someone? These are giving times! Also in dance education? This is one of the issues addressed in the round table discussion "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" feat. luminaries such as Adrian Heathfield or Nicole Haitzinger. On June 8. Just before full moon. In Vienna. In the Event Calendar.

Most generously giving themselves for the cause: the female dervishes at Sikidim (approximately Turkish for: "shake your body!"). These film clips of "dancing & whirling women, accompanied by Sufi music" are marked by an extensive download span (rather typical for the 1930s), but still come before the next episode of The L Word.

"The cockroach is a beautiful singer and dancer, but the chicken always prevents it from showing its legerdemains also in the daytime." (Nigerian proverb)



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