April, 2006

Newsletter 20.04.2006

"They were all lying around jaded or were not Russians“

Despite of the obvious assumption that said quote shines a body work kind of light on Alexander Solchenitsyn, let us not leave politics that fast. After all, Berlin is hosting such euphonious names of dance progression as Bel, de Smedt, Forsythe, Jeschke, Lepecki, Linke, Malakhov, Nachbar, Van Imschoot and Waltz, who will reflect upon and lecture about "Dance as Labour and Commodity", "Dance as Culture of Knowledge" and "Dancing with the Audience" among other issues.

"All symbiosis", one could ruthlessly quote Beckett out of context. But one does not. As, without a doubt, Tanzkongress will slap its static nature in the face and instead shake & stir up things quite a bit.

One of the themes delt with in Berlin this weekend, Dance Technique and Education, is also given serious attention in the current Feature: aside from introducing Jan Ritsema‘s PAF and its Summer University, you may also indulge in an essay on Boris Charmatz' BOCAL by Jeroen Peeters, there.

O! h! Ye! Ah!

Indeed, not only Hungary and Italy, Tom C. and Katie H. as well as the cherry trees in Kyoto have gotten themselves relaunched these days ... also did. "I saw the light", the webmaster hummed, equally referencing the Holy Bible, Hank Williams, Britney Spears and Attwenger, unclicked the orange and discovered quite a bit underneath: News (now: dance censorship in Iran), ongoing festival updates (now: the weekly schedule of teachers at ImPulsTanz 2006), feature videos (nowl: Storm‘s "The Art of Urban Dance") and more tasty dance links than all vanities of Berlusconi and Houellebecq put together.  NEW!

And while André Lepecki gives conceptual dance a couple of new (semiotical, practical and philosophical) thoughts in his fine book "Exhausting Dance - Performance and the politics of movement" (boasting such sensuous chapters as "the melancholic dance of the postcolonial spectral“ or "choreography's 'slower ontology'", In Poland's Poznan, the enchanting Cie. 7273 displays with their most recent creation "Climax", "how much even the most conceptual stage work is causally concerned with sex" (© The Arcane Evaluation Database Of ImPulsTanz)

So after all: Spring 2006.

"Let love be endless, while it lasts" (Vinicius de Moraes)

"Hope is the thing with feathers" (Emily Dickinson)



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