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Anja Manfredi
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Nicole Haitzinger & Claudia Jeschke

Analyzing dance: Techniques of contemporary choreography

Contemporary choreography does not only mean that it happens today; it also means that it has to integrate an intellectual view of choreography as such, of history, performative modes, socio-cultural contexts. The main artistic premises of these artists include the focus on examination and process. In the sessions of our workshop we‘ll not be talking as much about the current dance scene in general or aesthetics as about particular strategies and procedures essential for significant current choreography.
Dance has its own remembering and memory strategies, which have to be discussed theoretically when dealing with dance and dancing. In the discourse of dance the memory of the body and the movement, with its specific mechanisms of (re)storing and remembering, is still being mythologized or just barely considered (as such).This Lecture(-Format) can be seen as an attempt to approach this “other”, performative knowledge through the analysis of contemporary techniques in choreography and dance, as well as an approach towards their historiography. The following question will be discussed by means of videos and text material exemplarily: Which structural similarity or differences can be found in the choreographic and dramaturgical concepts, for instance of Alain Platel, Raimund Hoghe, William Forsythe, Ann Terese de Keersmaker, Jerôme Bel and Xavier Le Roy, in comparison with “historical” productions (as Ballet, German Tanztheater, historical Avant-garde).

ArtistBio: Nicole Haitzinger
ArtistBio: Claudia Jeschke
Workshopoverview 2005
Week3: 01. Aug - 05. Aug 2005


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