December, 2005

Newsletter 01.12.2005

Soccer and dance are a match, sometimes. Well - they were: In George Best. Now he‘s dead. Before that, "he floated - defying gravity - with the ball on his foot across the muddy ground; each straddle in vain became part of the wondrous choreography“, reports Sueddeutsche Zeitung. "To pass by an opponent was physically exciting to me“, states George Best. All that sensuality was more than English soccer fields could bear in the 70s, the fans yelled, "where is your handbag, Georgie" and finally keen & luscious Best "failed due to the unreconstructed host culture in the stadiums" (again Sueddeutsche Zeitung). Hence: It would be possible but it isn‘t possible.

Rosa Parks, too, is dead ( By staying seated she stood up. Friedrich Nietzsche (“Never trust ideas you have while sitting") can be wrong. Moral courage never goes out of style. One to remember.

Ann Liv Young is American, too. The New York Times attests European features ("Pina-Bausch-on-steroids"). dedicates an online video trailer to her "Melissa is a bitch" (an [8:tension] performance 2005, as those, who were there, sure remember). From now on, there will be a new video stream every Wednesday! On

If you consider them eloquent Young women too loud for an Advent kind of time, brusquely leave the Arts & Media section and swiftly turn to News: there, Features perkly explains the connection between Elle, Tim Burton, Posh and Bourne and what the hell they think they are doing on in the first place. Also, Sasha Waltz's post-Schaubuehne reality is staged there.

Which leads the thoroughly affected amongst us to where - disregarding aesthetic differences - Berlin based dance & performance artists are confronting themselves and their environment with the truth on life of free lancers in our field ... and this not only concerns Berliners! Powered by ("with joy and less code"),

Suspense, suspense. And no end in sight: danceWEB 2006 calls for applications! If you are interested in becoming a danceWEBber 2006 despite of ex-WEBber Sue Bentley's warning ("danceWEB is an experience, like timetravelling is an experience, or landing on the moon, or waking up in Timbuctoo. Nothing can prepare you for this!") ... voilà:

And for immediate cravings:
+ NEW YORK: Movement Research Festival: Open Source
+ VALENCIENNES: Lignes de Corps Festival
+ MOSCOW: TSEH Festival
and of course Agenda Lobkov ("music for the working women") in VIENNA

"Art is a guaranty of sanity" (Louise Bourgeois)

"You don't have to always believe, what's true" (TV total)



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