October, 2005

Newsletter 28.10.2005

"Maybe curiosity will save the world", Jane Birkin recently hoped during her "Arabesque" at Volkstheater.

"To talk to the big white rabbit is of no use!", Vera Mantero tried to soberly judge the possibilities.

"Hope is completely useless", Jan Ritsema brusquely ended that charming conversation.

Assiduously, Hans-Petter Dahl insisted: "But what does it mean to throw a lobster away?"

"You tell me! I myself am rolling over dead doves every day, these days", stated Angela Schubot irritatedly.

You see: Europe is all chicken right now, the dance scene, however, is into other animals, too. Groovy.

That's exactly how the New York Times has classified said community (not Europe's animals, but its dance scene), while mourning elaborately about New York's own. Quite generally, the New York vs. Europe feature on boasts with critical self reflexion. I may, however, ease the situation: when reflecting on a table in a vegetarian restaurant in Paris, last week, with the words "My name is Bel. Jérôme Bel", I harvested cluelessness instead of a slap. And remained hungry. In Manhattan, instead, they know their Merce. Ongoing chapeau, grand pomme.

But the Times ain't lyin' - Europe, too, is no bore. Soccer and its Worlds 2006 is in heavy petting with them muses (Platel, Forsythe, Wilson ... exclusively the A squad), and various dance platforms (Balkan, Austria, Germany) are hovering.

And just to make sure that nobody doubts the reign of autumn: sentimentables are free to dive into the photo albums of ImPulsTanz 2005 - il webmaestro has put up a couple of Vienna summer pics there. I'm talking lounge here. Premiere parties. Workshops. All That Jazz.

Trace elements of Jazz but mostly Contemporary is being indulged into in Leuven ( in this very moment, but there sure is also nothing wrong with paying a visit to

'to go or not to go - the contemprary dilemma' (l&o)



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