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August, 2005

Newsletter 08.08.2005

"Dear Sandy, these people are half right about you, you’re an emotional imperialist" (Jan Ritsema & Sandy Williams in "Blindspot")

So Jan & Sandy boogied Niklas & Leonard. Last Saturday. In an oval. Jan & Peter, The Dancing Dramaturgs, instead, will - for once - have a seat. Tonight. At 11pm. AT HOME. In Vienna. And invstigate Herr Stamer's longing for "another kind of private choreography", touching the elusive nature of the choreographer's (ir)residenciality with their minds.

Never mind Herr Cohen, here's Frau Gudmundsdottir:

"If travel is searching
and home what's been found
I'm not stopping
I'm going hunting"

Never mind restlessness, here's ImPulsTanz 2005. Doing their Here & Now frenzy again: Erna & Emil ( &, Filiz & Mustafa (, and said Jan & Peter ... all TODAY. - meet me there. After all:

"Imagination is intelligence with an erection." (Victor Hugo)

Which is an ok transgression slot to announce that THE Lacey's improvisation workshop "Getting in & getting out" (August 8-12) is still open for bookings: --> workshops. Especially, as love is not only home at dance(festivals). Just think of Bright Eyes ( Or, more humid: The Life Aquatic of Steve Zissou. This '04 Wes Andersen stuns with both custom designed fish species and Adidas shoes as well as an enchanting soundtrack. Herr Bowie - along with Herr Bach currently the busiest pop star among the contemporary dance accompanists - shows his most unplugged and portuguese face there ... Seu Jorge makes slaphappy.

Serendipitously yours


P.S.: Sleep in tomorrow morning & get in shape for your joyride on the poni ( Tuesday night, complemented by the ImPulsTanz party feat. an E-Z Rollers DJ Set feat. MC Jakes (!!! Check --> parties for details.


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