June, 2005

Newsletter 20.06.2005

"This region has destroyed me, and I will stay until it becomes like me." (Herbert Achternbusch)

Architecturally valuable, somehow, but so ... moody, isn't he?

Sebastian Prantl or Mårten Spångberg, instead, approach the (art) landscape conservation from a much more philanthropic perspective. In their Coaching Projects "Land Body Scape" resp. "Choreography - The Adventure". Registration now.

"She puts her pussy on a seat like it's your face next". Now that‘s not overly subtle, is it. But: remember Tom Robbins preaching: "There are three sides to every story. At least!". And lo and behold: "Heavenly transported by the suitcase in your eyes, maybe." That‘s PONI. 2D details on these visual-arts-dancers gone punkrock on - 3D experiences thereof (plus party thereafter) at ImPulsTanz 2005

"Heaven is for wheather, hell is for conversation", Paper Chase were recently mourning vociferously on their European tour. Peter Stamer, however, is no mourner man, but confronts himself with this alleged hell in his leisure & arts talkshow "At Home". There he lives, cooks, eats and talks ... with changing guests. Bloody discourse, you bet, cozily embedded at home. DZ meanwhile accounts for David Zambrano accounts for "DoppelZimmer": this equally eloquent hombre talks to artists once a week in his ImPulsTanz 2005 home, too: at danceWEBspace at Arsenal.

Now, it may appear that I am turned on by ImPulsTanz events alone. Mais, non! Look at Upper Austria for instance (that's the region with the dramatically gifted tourism board: "Landschaften für Leidenschaften" which translates as "Landscapes for Passions"). There I find myself inmidst the alertly decentralizing but still heavily focused Festival of Regions; in Vienna, im_flieger is preparing "Terrains Fertiles" for artists from France, Romania and Austria, while Rimini Protokoll is outsourcing Berlin's social building landscape to India

Finally, it has to be acknowledged that this newsletter must put tears in the eyes of any funky landscape designer.

Summer, oh come and whip me with mint-coated floss!



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